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Unités du Monde de Lutte Contre la Cybercriminalité  - WeltPolizei Spezialeinheit Gegen Internetkriminalität

IL Cyber Cops Newsletter  November 20 , 2006 - Since 1999

Brasil Edition

Policia Federal  Conferência Internacional de Perícias em Crimes Cibernéticos -  2006 & 2004

National Anthem of Brasil  / Hino Nacional Brasileiro

Brasil Cyber Crimes Conference 2006

Major cybersecurity conference in Brazil

BRASILIA, Brazil, Nov. 14 (UPI) -- Hundreds of computer specialists in fields varying from cyber forensics to digital law met in Brazil to discuss the Internet and Terrorism, among other things. The gathering was the Third International Conference on Cyber Crime, held in Brasilia Nov. 6-9. Icc.org reported on its Web site Nov. 13 that among the law enforcement organizations that sent members to the conference were INTERPOL, EUROPOL, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Canadian Mounted Police, Spain's Guardia Civil, Australia's Federal Police, the Federal Police of Brazil, Italy's Federal Police, Finland's Federal Police, the Netherlands' Federal Police, the Federal Police of Mexico, the National Police of Japan, Canada's Toronto Metropolitan Police, Britain's SOCA-e-crime and the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security and the U.S. Secret Service.The event was held in conjunction with the First International Conference on Forensic Computer Science. Brazil's Department of Federal Police and the National Institute of Crime Investigation helped sponsor the conference.(UPI)

Brasilia  9/11/06 (4Law) - Policia Federal  Conferência Internacional de Perícias em Crimes Cibernéticos - 700 Cyber Cops from around the globe took part in Brasilia 2006 November Cyber Crime Conference.

Microsoft: The First Install of the CETS , In Canada

7/11/06 -
Diretor Geral/DPF, Paulo Lacerda, na Abertura da III Conferência Internacional de Perícias em Crimes Cibernéticos ICCyber 2006 e lançamento do Sistema de Rastreamento de Exploração Infantil (CETS Child Exploitation TrackingSystem) Parceria Microsoft do Brasil e Polícia Federal

Italy :Lotta alla pedopornografia in internet - CETS PPT

Microsoft e Polícia Federal lançam sistema contra a exploração infantil

Microsoft, European Law Enforcement Agencies and Governments to Increase Effectiveness of Investigations Between Police Forces With Deployment of CETS

Conference Site    -    Agenda

Imagens da Conferência
Pictures of  Conference  investigators  - uploaded only with the specific relevant permission

Boaz  Guttman Adv. Track Coordinator of Digital Law  6/11/06  in Brasilia
Boaz Guttman Adv. presents  interactive his P2P Presentation  7/11/06 in Brasilia
Sharon Lemon  Chief of  the National  Cyber Crime Unit in UK 8/11/06 Brasilia  - 
Norma Gomes Hackers Hunter in Brasil National Cyber Crime Unit 8/11/06 Brasilia
China Cyber Crime National  Unit Commanders 7/11/06 Brasilia -
Right : Director of Cyber Crime Investigation  Division Mr. Huang Shenghua
Anthony Reyes vice president in the  HTCIA 8/11/06 Brasilia  - 
HTCIA - High Technology Crime Investigators Association.
Dr. Paulo Quintiliano Chief of Brasil Cyber Crime Unit 7/11/06 Brasilia
Dr. Paulo Quintiliano da Silva, jefe de la dirección policial brasileña de crímenes cibernéticos.
Stepen Gill  Founder of  Team Cymru Inc. 8/11/06 Brasilia
Booklets in the Biggest Cyber Crime Conference 6/11/06 Brasilia -
Left in the Booklet - 120 pages of Technical Guide how Botnet Hacks Works etc.
Certificate issued for 700 Members of the Conference 8/11/06 Brasilia -

Compartilhamento de informações na Internet

P2P -  Tendências na lei civil e criminal PPT  7/11/06 - PPT - Alternativa

Ligação ao material de fundo - http://www.4law.co.il/p2p.html

P2P -  Trends in Civil & Criminal Law  7/11/06 - PPT

Videos During The Presentation


Translated Files During The Presentation

Banned from accessing the Internet except doing bussiness
Israeli   New Court  Decision  22/9/06 English PDF

Israeli Cyber Crime Unit v. Moshe Halevy 22/9/06

Israeli Bill to Ban File Sharing from 27/7/06 -  English


Brasil Cyber Crimes Conference 2004

 Brazil is world 'hacking capital'

Tuesday, 14 September, 2004  - Brazil has become the global capital for computer hacking and internet fraud, according to experts meeting in the country's capital, Brasilia. Some 500 experts from around the world are attending the first international conference to combat electronic crime. Brazil is home to eight out of 10 of the world's hackers, according to federal police at the conference. Within Brazil, the amount of money lost in internet financial fraud outstrips that lost through bank robberies. Roughly two-thirds of the internet's child pornography pages are also said to originate in the country. These statistics are supported by security experts from other countries who say some 96,000 hacking attacks were launched from Brazil last year - six times more than any other country. Intellectual challenge .Many of the hackers work in groups with names like Breaking Your Security or Virtual Hell. The explosion in hacking is blamed, in part, on weak legislation. Hacking itself is not a crime in Brazil so police have to prove fraud has taken place in order to prosecute. Brazilian hackers often do not consider themselves criminals, saying they break into sites for the intellectual challenge rather than to steal. Last year, websites in the US were the target of the huge majority of hacking attacks. (BBC)

Brasilia  16/9/04 (4Law) - Policia Federal  Conferência Internacional de Perícias em Crimes Cibernéticos - 660 Cyber Cops from around the globe took part in Brasilia 2004 SeptemberCyber Crime Conference.


Imagens da Conferência
Pictures of  Conference investigators  - uploaded only with the specific relevant permission

  Eduardo Estrada Chief of the Unit  Mexico in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04
Jaime Ansieta Chief of the Unit  Chile in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04   - 
SA Zachary Lowe FBI Richmond in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04   - 
Kenji Mianishi Interpol & Marc Goodman US Deprtment of State in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04
Markus Marcinkevicius Chief of the Unit  Lithuania   in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04
Dr. Paulo Quintiliano Chief of Brasil Cyber Crime Unit in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04
Jose Gonzales Guardia Civil Spain in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04   - 
Luis Pascual National Police Spain in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04   - 
Juse Paulo Chief of the Unit  Angola   in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04
Demon  Hong Kong   in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04
Nigel Phair Australia   in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04
Len Hynds UK Cyber Crime Chief 2004   in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04
Daniel Andrews US Army Cyber crime Chief 2006  in Brasilia 14 -16/9/04

Breaking Digital Evidence in Court PPT - 15/9/04

Speech in Brasilia - 15/9/04

Translated Files During The Presentation

Hacking Mossad Website Verdict -  State of Israel v. Avi Mizrahi 29/2/04

Wireless Hacker Court Paper -  State of Israel v. Dudi Sternberg 18/2/04



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