[prq Inet]
The PRQ datacenter has been raided by the Swedish police. All servers and network equipment was seized in an act of blatant abuse of power by public prosecutor Håkan Roswall.

We are currently working to get as much as possible back up. Webhosting is up. Most tunnels are back up - if yours is down, mail your configuratin files to us and it'll be reactivated.
The network at STH3 is back up and we are setting up temporary servers. The configuration for most of the servers is P3-800 and 256-512MB RAM.
You can also bring your own server here.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to our friends, colleagues and supporters who have lent us hardware to assist in getting everything functional again.

The best way to reach us currently is either phone +46 (0)8 50003150, +46 (0)73 9691011 or email info @ prq.se

Our team of lawyers are working the legal parts, and we are going to sue the Swedish state to get the equipment returned and get compensation for the multi-million dollar losses sustained by us and our customers.

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