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Anti-Semitic cartoon from Iranian TV shows rabbi watching Nazi swastika grow into giant star of David

Egyptian  Al Fager Front Page 2/06 - Terrorists v. Cartoonists 

New cartoon in Germany causes furor in Iran

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4Law 11/2/06:Cyberspace has become an important arena  in the Mohammed Cartoon Case.

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Islam Attacks in EU...Pictures & TV streaming videos...Part  also Save a as...

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"Osama bin Laden, explode Copenhagen"

"...About 1,000 people protested outside Cairo's Al-Azhar Mosque, some chanting, "Osama bin Laden, explode Copenhagen," and burning a Danish flag... young boys and older men marched around the Dome of the Rock shrine in Jerusalem, chanting "Bin Laden, strike again" and burning a Danish flag..." (10/2/06

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 Copenhagen Post & Jyllands - Posten:Egyptian newspaper printed drawings in October

Egyptian Newspaper Pictures that Published Cartoons 5 months ago
Egyptian newspaper,Al Fager (as pronounced in Egyptian Arabic) that published the Danish Cartoons five month ago on Oct 17,2005

  The Egyption Files :  DirtyTricks  of  Iran & Syria   in Manipulation

The Zionist  Plot / Islam e Satira / Der Karikaturen-Streit

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Article on The Danish Imams :Imams accused of doublespeak

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France   - (10/2/06)

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical political weekly newspaper. Its editor is currently Philippe Val.
It has a strongly left-wing slant.Compared to a regular circulation of 100,000 sold copies, this edition was a great commercial success. 400,000 copies were sold .

Charlie Hebdo Paris  -  Pictures Site  Police in the Gate   - (10/2/06)

About the Photo Police in the Gate - fr: 2006-02-08, Paris : Le journal Charlie Hebdo ayant publié une copie des Caricatures de Mahomet du journal Jyllands-Posten, la gendarmerie mobile a été positionnée en perspective de débordements. Eng. - The weekly Charlie Hebdo having published copies of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons, mobile gendarmes were position in prevention of possible protests.

Surpris de son succès les caricatures du prophètes Mahomet a été vendu à 400.000 exemplaires

4Law 9/2/06 - EU & Islam Law  - Leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrullah addressing to the Lebanese Shiites,Nasrullah told the crowds, "There will be no compromise before we get an apology. We want European parliaments to draft laws that ban newspapers from insulting the Prophet"

IranTV:Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei: Zionist Paid Denmark Cartoonist to Draw Muhammad Cartoon

ZDF TV :Judenhetze im Namen Allahs

Topic Page German : Der Karikaturen-Streit

Topic Page Swedish : Muhammed-karikatyrerna

NBC:Denmark Islamic Leader Imam Abu Laban Talks About Cartoon

Freedom for Egyptians & Scanned Egypt  Paper Inside   1 - Finito La Comedia

Boycott Egypt & Scanned Egypt  Paper Inside   2 - Finito La Comedia

Editor Apology in Norway - (11/2/06)

SVT: Norsk chefredaktör ber åter om ursäkt

Norway's Muslim leaders on Friday welcomed a new apology from a small Norwegian magazine that republished Danish cartoons of Prophet Mohammad and helped spark worldwide violent protests by Muslims. Magazinet, which has a circulation of about 5,000, in January reprinted the 12 caricatures of the Muslim prophet that initially appeared in Danish daily Jyllands-Posten last September. A total of 46 Muslim organizations in Norway now ask Muslims to accept the apology from the editor of the Christian paper Magazinet.Magazinet editor Vebjoern Selbekk said he regretted publishing the cartoons on January 10 because he had not foreseen the pain and anger they would cause among Muslims.In a joint statement Friday, 15 key Norwegian imams representing 46 congregations declared the conflict over in Norway."We ask Muslims to accept the apology," the statement said. "We consider the case closed."
Selbekk, who had been under police protection after receiving scores of death threats, made his apology at a hastily called joint news conference with the leader of the Islamic Council in Norway, Mohammad Hamdan, and Labor Minister Bjarne Haakon Hanssen. Hamdan stressed Islam values forgiveness and added that he considered Selbekk to be under his protection.

News in English Norway on Magazinet   : Editor apologizes for caricatures

The Apology in  : Gjentok beklagelsene overfor muslimene


Her kan du lese budskapet Vebjørn Selbekk fremførte. (Word dokument)

Denmark pulls ambassadors from Syria, Iran, Indonesia   -  (11/2/06)

Danish DR1 TV Program & Denish Ambassador Talks : Attack on Denmark Embassy in Tehran

Denmark has temporarily withdrawn its ambassadors from Syria , Iran and Indonesia because their safety was at risk in the wake of a Danish newspaper's publication of drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, the Foreign Ministry said Saturday 11/2/06. Denmark's embassy buildings in all three countries had been targeted by angry mobs protesting the publication of the caricatures in September. European and American newspapers subsequently reprinted the drawings. The Foreign Ministry said it withdrew all Danish staff from its embassy in Tehran, Iran, because of "serious and concrete threats" against the ambassador.Threats had also been directed at the embassy personnel in Indonesia, the ministry said, without giving details. Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim country. The building housing the embassy in Damascus was burned last week by protesters. "The de-escalation of the protection of the ambassador and his staff to an inadequate level is the reason for the departure," the ministry said in a statement. Many Danes suspect a group of Danish Islamic leaders helped stir rage in the Muslim world with visits to the Mideast and inflammatory comments to Arabic media. The Muslim leaders deny responsibility for fueling the flames and repeatedly have denounced the violence. (4Law &


Continúan las manifestaciones y actos violentos en protesta por las caricaturas de Mahoma
Dinamarca retira el personal de l'ambaixada a Damasc davant la disminució de protecció

"Fotogaleria de les manifestacions contra les caricatures"

London , Rabat , Kenia ,  Indonesia , Venezuela ...

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ZDF Iran Revolution Day v. EU/ Flags in Fire     - ZDF Muslime in Denmark : Fest und Protest



RTR TV Russia:3Killed in Continued Cartoon Violence in Pakistan

New cartoon in Germany causes furor in Iran   -  (19/2/06)

BERLIN -- Another cartoon, in a German newspaper, likening Iranian soccer players to suicide bombers has provoked anger in Iran and an official demand for an apology.The cartoon, published Feb. 10 in Der Tagesspiegel, depicts Iranian soccer players with bombs strapped to their waists standing next to a group of German soccer players in the uniforms of the German army, or Bundeswehr. The caption reads: "Why the Bundeswehr absolutely has to be deployed at the World Cup."Editors at the paper and the cartoonist, Klaus Stuttmann, said the cartoon was a commentary on an ongoing debate in Germany about whether the army should be used as a security force when the World Cup is held here this summer. It was not, they said, intended as a satire on Iran or even as a comment on suicide bombing.But earlier this week, the Iranian Embassy in Berlin demanded the paper apologize for the cartoon. On Tuesday demonstrators in Tehran threw fire bombs at the German Embassy. The Cartoon in the Cartoonist Site

Now Stuttmann, who's next?
In Tagesspiegel, an open letter from German cartoonists in support of their colleague Klaus Stuttmann. Stuttmann has had to go into hiding after receiving death threats because of a cartoon his Berlin newspaper published on February 10 2006.

Iran Sport Press English Version on The Case

 FOX TV : Iran Suicide Bombers


The Denish newspaper :Jyllands-Posten

Culture editor of Jyllands-Posten : Why I Published Those Cartoons

Fearful Danish People : Stop the escalating conflict!

Channel to Muslim Countries : Another Denmark

Zone - H .Org :The Denmark Hacking Sites

Denmark Imam Site : Abu Laban

Convicted   Tatiana Soskin  Page : Mohamed Drawing - The Pig

Palestinians  dressed up a donkey as a Jew!

4Law Ramallah - On January 12, 2001 , leading Palestinian Authority and Fatah officials, conducted a hate-filled rally against Israel , complete with a donkey clad in a Jewish prayer shawl and a nose painted with a Star of David and  Nazi swastika! .

Muslim youth website  : We are Sorry Norway and Denmark

Palestinians in Norway for boycott Israel : Safsaf.Org

Israeli Paper on Nazis v. Jews & EU v. Arabs / English:  Enlightened colonialism

Germany Paper / Iran insult me / kill the "Jihad People " :  Was nun, ferner Bärtiger?