China bans opening of new internet cafes



少黑网吧 安全患大

Reduce security risks in largest illegal Internet cafes




Legislation to ban minors from entering bars


Inner Mongolia submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for examination of the revised draft law on protection of minors specifically , business should be prohibited for minors to enter Internet cafes.




 The first time the NPC Standing Committee revised the Law on Protection of Minors Bill explicitly stipulates that business should be prohibited for minors to enter Internet cafes.











    来源:新华社 20070305


China Parliament Website NPC.GOV.CN Saved Page 5/3/07




14 ministries efforts in the management of Internet cafes




Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 5 (Reporter Zhou Wei) - Mobilization social forces of teenagers addicted to take active measures to correct network, the Ministry of Culture, the General Administration of Industry, the Ministry of Public Security. 14 ministries before the Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued the "further strengthening of the management of Internet cafes and online games." clearly, the Chinese government will implement prevention and intervention control systems engineering Internet Addiction. The circular requires that health and education sector organizations, mental health institutes students, parents and teachers to conduct mental health education, improve the early identification and intervention, preventive approach to control Internet Addiction; accelerate the development of online game management policies, laws, vigorously readjust the structure of online games. links in the development and operation of the network easily lead to addiction and transformation rules of the game be restricted; actively promote anti-Indulging in online game development and application of science and technology to resolve issues young people indulging in online games. The circular stressed the need to strengthen the family, school education guardianship, In particular, it is necessary to strengthen parents Guardianship of Minors "primary responsibility" sense of responsibility. Violation of the "Law on the Protection of Minors," "Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency Act," do not have the ability to protect themselves guardians, admonished by the public security organs according to law, ordered tight supervision. All types of schools at all levels to publicize students on the management of the Internet, In countries outside the hours of Internet access in the adult students not to enjoy the ancient capital, appraisal of the difficulties grants. Source : Beijing March 5, 2007





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