Hezbollah Facebook Cell 2009
 Israeli Arab Charged in Hezbollah Plot to Kill IDF Chief 
Hebrew Indictment Central District Court State of Israel v. Rawi Fuad Sultani in Custody -  PDF

Hezbollah Facebook Cell -  Rawi Fuad Sultani (Source:Israeli Secret Service "Shabak/Shin Bet" Photo)  Arrested 10/8/09 23 Years Old. In his investigation he told that in August 2008 he met the  Hezbollah Operative Salaman Harab in Summer Camp "Mehayem a Shabab el Kauami el Arabi" in Morocco .He told Salman about IDF Chief. He was in contact with Salman aslo in Israel via Facebook  & Phone .In December 2008 in Poland  he met another Hezbollah Operative nickname "Sami" and provided him more detailed information about the IDF chief and suggested the way to kill him.After Poland meeting  he arrived back to Israel  and continued contact from Israel with Salman & "Sami".According to the Indictment "Sami" provided him in Poland encryption software in order to secure their contacts.
Hezbollah Facebook Cell -  Hizbullah Operative Salaman Harab (Source:Israeli Secret Service "Shabak/Shin Bet" Photo) 26 Years Old
IDF Chief  Assassination Foiled  - Israeli-Arab Plotted to Kill IDF Chief

4Law - August 31, 2009

Indictment issued against Rawi Fuad Sultani who is suspected to have spied on Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi for Hezbollah 

On Monday (Aug 31), a severe indictment was issued at the Petah Tikva District Court, against 23-year-old Rawi Fuad Sultani from Tirah, who was recruited by Hezbollah in order to spy on the IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi. Sultani was arrested at the beginning of August after an investigation by the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and the Unit for International Investigation of the Israel Police (UII).

The indictment notes that in August 2008, Sultani, together with other young men and women, traveled to Morocco with the Israeli Arab Balad party, in order to participate in a multi-national Arab summer camp, which takes place every year in a different country. The camp was also attended by Salman Harb, a 26-year-old Shi’ite Lebanese Hezbollah terror operative, who befriended the Israeli participants. Salman Harb personally met with the group of young Israelis, introduced himself as a Hezbollah operative, lectured on the “Struggle” and even showed excerpts of a movie on the Second Lebanon War, produced by the Al-Manar Hezbollah television station

In the course of the investigation, Sultani admitted that during his meetings with Salman, he had informed the operative that he had information on Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi. Sultani kept in touch with the Hezbollah operative through phone conversations and Facebook also after returning from the summer camp. 

Sultani’s contact with Hezbollah members did not end at this. In December 2008, Sultani flew to Poland in order to meet with an additional operative of the terror organization, known as Sami. During this meeting, Sultani officially joined Hezbollah and delivered the information he had collected on Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi and the possibilities to harm him, thanks to the fact that Sultani worked out at the same gym as the Chief of the General Staff.

An additional paragraph in the indictment points out that Sultani was asked by Sami to collect information on additional senior IDF officers and IDF bases in Israel. After returning from Poland, Sultani continued his communication with Salman and Sami.

Simultaneously to the investigation on Sultani, the ISA and the UII also questioned other participants of the summer camp, who testified that they had been in touch with Salman during the camp. After they denied still being in touch with Hezbollah operatives and after having been warned of entertaining any further contact with members of the terror organization, the youths were released. 

The information gathered during the investigation on Sultani shows Hezbollah’s efforts to recruit Israelis for terror activities. Ever since the death of Imad Mughniyah in February 2008, the organization has been working on an act of reprisal, with senior IDF officers being a preferred target.

 Rawi Fuad Sultani in Central District Court 31/8/09 (Israeli TV10 Photo)
 Rawi Fuad Sultani in Central District Court 31/8/09 (Israeli TV10 Photo)
IDF  Hackers Unit Hacks Hizbollah TV Enlarge Window 
4Law - IDF Intel. Hacking the Airwaves of  Radio Nour, and Radio Sawt Al-Shab

(Radio Sawt Al-Shab -  the radio station of the communist party, which identifies with Hizbullah) to relay Israeli messages aimed at boosting deterrence, demoralizing Hizbullah and presenting Nasrallah as a liar and incapable leader. Here one the IDF Intelligence Arabic Hacking Audio Record.
Any message ends with name of "State of Israel" (In Arabic Words you hear in the Audio - "Daulat  Isreel").
This recording captured from the 103.9 FM radio frequency in Lebanon 1/8/06.
The  statements  aired by an Israeli radio transmission into Lebanese territory and voiced over phone calls made by Israel to random Lebanese phone numbers. These have been ongoing since the beginning of the war.

Listen to The Radio Hacking Message

Free Translation:To the Lebanese citizens: Hizbullah's terrorist acts targetted at Israeli territories got you in this situation that you are currently in. Know that the State of Israel will continue to act with strength and determination to stop the terrorist acts that originate from inside Lebanese territories. It is in the hand of Israel to fatally strike the Lebanese terrorists, as it has proved during the previous days. Where is Hassan Nasrallah? He fled to his cave, just like the other terrorists who fled the battle as soon as they heard the first shot. The State of Israel.

Israeli Army Hackers IDF Hacking Unit Enlarge Window