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Israel Lebanon - Spy v. Spy



Israeli Mossad in Lebanon

موساد الاسرائيلي في لبنان


Hassan Ahmed al-Hussein

حسن أحمد الحسين



Lebanon sentences Mossad spy Hassan Ahmed al-Hussein to death 21/7/10


القضاء العسكري في لبنان يقضي باعدام العميل حسن الحسين 21/7/10


A military court in Lebanon has sentenced a Lebanese national to death on charges of spying for the notorious Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.
The former school principal, Hassan Ahmed al-Hussein, received the death penalty on Wednesday after the court convicted him of providing Israel with

sensitive information in 2008 about the leadership of Hezbollah and the location of sites used by the resistance movement.Ahmed al-Hussein, 59, is the third person

to face the death penalty for spying for Israel since Beirut launched its crackdown on Israeli spy networks in 2009. None of the sentences, however, have so far been carried out.Dozens

of people have been arrested since last year on suspicion of collaborating with Mossad, including members of Lebanon's security forces and telecommunications personnel.(Arabic news Agencies 21/7/10)


Death Verdict for Mossad Agent in Lebanon 18/2/10




DailyMotion Video - Death Verdict in Lebanon Military Court for Mossad Spy Mahmoud Rafeh


Alternative Youtube Video - Death Verdict in Lebanon Military Court for Mossad Spy Mahmoud Rafeh



Lebanese Mahmoud Rafeh, a 60-year-old retired police officer, who was charged with spying for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and helping execute a bombing that killed Mahmoud Majzoub, a senior Islamic Jihad official, is seen in a dock at a military court in Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010. A military court has sentenced Rafeh to death for collaborating with Israel to plan a 2006 car bombing that killed two Lebanese members of a militant Palestinian group. (Lebanon Media)




Lebanese Mahmoud Rafeh, a 60-year-old retired police officer, who was charged with spying for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and helping execute a bombing that killed Mahmoud Majzoub, a senior Islamic Jihad official, is seen in a dock at a military court in Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010. A military court has sentenced Rafeh to death for collaborating with Israel to plan a 2006 car bombing that killed two Lebanese members of a militant Palestinian group. (Lebanon Media)



The brothers Mahmoud and Nidal Majzoub members of the Islamic Jihad


Mahmoud Qassem Rafeh, a retired member of Lebanon's Internal Security Forces was sentenced on Thursday Feb. 18, 2010 to death for having spied for the Israeli enemy and for his involvement in the murder of brothers Mahmoud and Nidal Majzoub, members of the Islamic Jihad group. Rafeh, 63, was convicted of "collaboration and espionage on behalf of the Israeli enemy," according to the verdict handed down by the military tribunal. He was also convicted of involvement in the 2006 car bomb murder in the southern coastal town of Sidon of the Majzoub brothers. A second defendant, Hussein Suleiman Khattab, was convicted in absentia.
Under Lebanese law, they have the right to appeal. At the same time, any death sentence must be signed both by the country's prime minister and its president to be carried out. Rafeh remains accused of the murder of Hezbollah officials Ali Hassan Dib in 1998 and Ali Hussein Saleh in 2003, as well as the 2002 murder of Jihad Jibril, son of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command leader Ahmad Jibril. The trial for those killings is still underway.  
Rafeh was arrested in 2006 and confessed last year to having collaborated with Israeli intelligence agents from 1993. (Lebanon Media)

Lebanon exposes deadly Israeli spy ring


June 15, 2006

Lebanese authorities have broken up an apparent Israeli spy ring whose members have claimed responsibility for a string of killings of leading Hezbollah and Palestinian militants since 1999.

The spies confessions, reported extensively in the Lebanese media, provide a rare glimpse into the clandestine battle between the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency and the Hezbollah organisation and its militant Palestinian allies.

In a bizarre twist, Hussein Khattab, a Palestinian member of the spy ring, who is still at large, is the brother of Sheikh Jamal Khattab, an Islamic cleric who has allegedly recruited Arab fighters for al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The Israeli network was discovered after the killing last month of two Islamic Jihad officials, the brothers Nidal and Mahmoud Majzoub, in a car bomb blast in Sidon, Lebanon. Lebanese intelligence officers last week arrested

Mahmoud Rafeh, 59, a retired policeman from the Lebanese town of Hasbaya, his wife and two children, and discovered bomb-making materials, code machines and other espionage equipment in his home.

Mr Rafeh confessed to the killings of the Majzoubs and to working for Mossad since 1994. He also confessed that his cell was responsible for killing three leading Hezbollah commanders since 1999, as well as Jihad Jibril,

the son of Ahmad Jibril, the head of the Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, who died in a car bomb blast in 2002.


Lebanon Army Press Release English & Arabic 13/6/06



Discovery of a terrorist network working for the Israeli Intelligence Services


The Army Command- Directorate of Orientation issued the following report:

Following its previous report concerning the discovery of a terrorist network working for the Israeli intelligence services, and the arrest of some of its essential elements, and investigating with them, the Directorate of Intelligence detected the persons implicated in the assassination of the Magzub brothers in Saida that occurred on May 26 2006, mainly the called Mahmud Rafeh who pleaded guilty into the relevant assassination operation and previous ones that are:

- The assassination of a Hizbollah official, Ali Hassan Dib, designated as Abu Hassan Salameh in the area of Ebrah, by means of a double explosives, on September 16 1999.
- The assassination of a Hizbollah official, Ali Saleh, designated in the area of Kafaat located in South Lebanon, by means of a bomb, on September 2 2003.
- The assassination of Ahmad Gibril in Beirut, by means of a bomb, on May 20 2002.
- Placing a sophisticated bomb on the Zahrany highway on January 18 2005; the Lebanese Armed Forces had discovered and dismantled the bomb.    
- Placing a bomb indented to hit Palestinian officials at the bifurcation of Annahmeh Bridge on August 22 1999. The bomb exploded but did not cause any injuries.

The investigations conducted by the Lebanese Directorate of Intelligence revealed that the discovered network was connected to the Maussad Service since several years, and that the network members have followed training sessions inside and outside Israel. The aforementioned Service charged the network with the execution of these operations, and thus provided it with secret and sophisticated communication and surveillance equipments, along with precise maps of the targeted places and other locations in Lebanon, and falsified documents and suitcases containing secret hideouts, and codified networks.

During the last operation that targeted the Magzoub brotherswho died as martyrs-, the network members brought the car door all set and booby-trapped from Israel, equipped with reception and transmission tools to ensure that the brothers got out of the building.
By breaking into the places owned by the network members, some secret and sophisticated seizures and
equipments were found. Investigations are still conducted to arrest the remaining members of the network, and discover other acts of sabotage, as the arrested persons will be transferred to the specialized judicial authority.

Hereafter a list of the seizures used by the network in the terrorist explosions:
- Normal Computers including a portable computer from Israel.
- Photo equipments from Israel including a sophisticated camera used to shoot roads, from inside a suitcase.
- Binoculars.
- Military uniforms used to execute previous operations including a uniform with the rank of First Lieutenant.
- Munitions.
- Digital printers.
- Mobile phones from international lines and on the right side, the equipment used in the assassination of the Magzub brothers, and a hand watch. 
- An air conditioner that opens in an unusual way, used to camouflage the explosives with the arms belonging to the elements participating in the explosion.    
- A loudspeaker used as a camouflage, and hiding within it a suitcase containing all explosion and communication equipments. This loudspeaker was found in the garage of the house of the collaborator Rafeh in Hasbaya. The loudspeaker and air-conditioner were used to transport explosives in the operation of Saida.
- A television- table hiding a secret hole containing a coded transmitter and receiver, and besides it the key of the Mercedes car used in the explosion operation that targeted the Magzub brothers. This table was found in the house of the collaborator Rafeh in Hasbaya.    
- A television- table hiding a secret hole containing another coded transmitter and receiver, and coding lists found in his chalet located in a Lebanese region.
- A television that can be linked to the decoder in the house to read the messages on the screen.
- The keys of the secret hideouts of the mentioned tables and their way of use. 
- A third table with a secret hideout belonging to a fugitive network member. This table was found in the house of the collaborator Rafeh in Hasbaya.    
- Driving licenses and false identity cards made in Israel and used by the collaborator in his actions, along with false names, and false identities with pictures of Israeli girls and illusive wives names for each personality.    
- Three leather suitcases of different colors, two of them belonging to the arrested person, and one to the fugitive having secret hideouts containing falsified documents, with indications on the way of opening one of the suitcases.


اكتشاف شبكة إرهابية تعمل لصالح المخابرات الإسرائيلية


صدر عن قيادة الجيش مديرية التوجيه البيان التالي:


إلحاقاً لبيانها السابق حول اكتشاف شبكة إرهابية تعمل لصالح المخابرات الإسرائيلية، وتوقيف بعض أفرادها الأساسيين، وبمتابعة التحقيقات معهم، توصلت مديرية المخابرات إلى كشف المتورطين في جريمة اغتيال الأخوين مجذوب في صيدا، والتي حصلت بتاريخ 26/5/2006، وأبرزهم المدعو محمود رافع الذي اعترف بعملية الاغتيال وبعمليات سابقة أخرى هي:

اغتيال المسؤول في حزب الله علي حسن ديب الملقب بأبو حسن سلامة في محلة عبرا، بعبوة مزدوجة، بتاريخ 16/8/1999.
- اغتيال المسؤول في حزب الله علي صالح في محلة الكفاءات في الضاحية الجنوبية بعبوة ناسفة بتاريخ 2/8/2003.
- اغتيال جهاد احمد جبريل في بيروت بعبوة ناسفة استهدفت سيارته بتاريـخ 20/5/2002.
- وضع عبوة متطورة جداً علـى طريق عـام الزهراني بتاريــخ 18/1/2005، وقد تم اكتشافها وتفكيكها من قبل الجيش قبل تفجيرها.
- وضع وتفجير عبوة ناسفة لاستهداف مسؤولين فلسطينيين عند مفرق جسر الناعمة بتاريخ 22/8/1999، دون أن تسفر عن إصابات.

وتبين من التحقيقات التي أجرتها مديرية المخابرات، أن الشبكة المكتشفة ترتبط بجهاز الموساد الإسرائيلي منذ عدة سنوات، وقد خضع أفرادها لدورات تدريبية داخل إسرائيل وخارجها، وقد كُلفت الشبكة من قبل الجهاز المذكور بتنفيذ تلك العمليات، وزُودت لهذه الغاية بأجهزة اتصال ومراقبة سرية ومتطورة، كما زُودت بخرائط دقيقة للأماكن المستهدفة ولأماكن أخرى من لبنان، وبمستندات مزورة وحقائب تحوي مخابئ سرية، وشبكات مرمّزة. وفي العملية الأخيرة التي استهدفت الشهيدين مجذوب، استقدمت الشبكة باب السيارة مجهزاً ومفخخاً من إسرائيل، ومزوداً بأجهزة التقاط وبث لتأكيد خروج الشهيدين من المبنى.

وبمداهمة الأماكن التي تخص أفراد الشبكة، عثر على مضبوطات وأجهزة سرية متطورة. لا تزال التحقيقات جارية لتوقيف باقي أعضاء الشبكة وكشف عمليات تخريبية أخرى، وسيصار إلى إحالة الموقوفين للقضاء المختص.
وفي ما يلي لائحة بالمضبوطات المستخدمة من قبل الشبكة في التفجيرات الارهابية:

أجهزة كمبيوتر عادية منها كمبيوتر محمول مصدره إسرائيل.
- معدات تصوير مصدرها إسرائيل بينها كاميرا متطورة لتصوير الطرقات تستعمل من داخل حقيبة.
- مناظير للمراقبة
- ألبسة عسكرية استعملت لتنفيذ عمليات سابقة منها بزة عليها رتبة ملازم اول.

- ذخائر حربية.
- آلات طابعة للصور الرقمية.
- أجهزة اتصال خليوية على خطوط دولية ويظهر من الجهة اليمنى الجهاز الذي استعمل في اغتيال الشهيدين مجذوب، وساعة يد.
- مكيف هواء مموه يستعمل لإخفاء المواد المتفجرة وتوابعها مع أسلحة العناصر المشاركة بالتفجير ويفتح بطريقة مموهة.
- مضخم صوت مموه بداخله حقيبة تحتوي على كافة لوازم التفجير والاتصال وقد عثر عليها في مرآب منزل العميل رافع في حاصبيا.
استخدم المكيف ومضخم الصوت لنقل المواد المتفجرة في عملية تفجير صيدا.
- طاولة تلفزيون في داخلها مخبأ سري يحتوي على جهاز شيفرة "إرسال واستقبال" ويظهر إلى جانب الجهاز مفتاح سيارة المرسيدس التي استعملت في عملية التفجير التي استهدفت الأخوين مجذوب، وقد عثر على هذه الطاولة في منزل العميل رافع في حاصبيا.
- طاولة تحتوي على مخبأ سري بداخله جهاز شيفرة آخر "إرسال واستقبال" ولوائح شيفرة عثر عليها في الشاليه العائدة له في إحدى المناطق اللبنانية.
- جهاز تلفزيون يتم ربطه بجهاز الشيفرة الموجود في المنزل لقراءة الرسائل على الشاشة.
- مفتاح المخابئ السرية الموجودة في الطاولات التي عثر عليها وتظهر طريقة استعماله.
- طاولة ثالثة بداخلها مخبأ سري وتعود إلى أحد عناصر الشبكة الفارين وقد عثر عليها في منزل العميل رافع في حاصبيا.
- رخص سوق وإخراجات قيد مزورة كان يستعملها العميل رافع في كافة نشاطاته وقد حصل عليها من إسرائيل وبأسماء مستعارة وتظهر أيضاً اخراجات قيد مزورة بأسماء وهمية لزوجة كل شخصية وقد وضعت عليها صور فتيات إسرائيليات.
- حقائب جلدية بألوان مختلفة عدد 3، اثنتان تخصان الموقوف رافع وواحدة تخص أحد الفارين، تحتوي على مخابئ سرية عثر بداخلها على المستندات المزورة وتظهر طريقة فتح إحدى الحقائب.





Lebanese Citizen and Retired Police Officer Mahmoud Kassam Rafa Suspect Mossad Agent

Rafeh is a retired Internal Security Forces officer and former colonel in the Israeli-allied militia of former South Lebanon Army chief Antoine Lahd

Lebanese security forces have uncovered what they claimed was a "prominent" Israeli spy ring that had been active in Lebanon since 1990, the Lebanese As-Safir newspaper reported on Monday. The newspaper stated that several days ago Lebanese security forces arrested Mahmoud Kassam Rafa from the town of Hazbaya in southern Lebanon. The spy network allegedly included Rafa and members of his family. During his interrogation, according to the report, Rafa not only confessed to his involvement in the assassination of senior Islamic Jihad operative Mahmoud Majzoub in Beirut last month, but also to the assassination of Hizbollah member Ali Salah and to other alleged terror attacks in the Lebanese capital and the south of the country. Lebanese officials had linked the hit to Israel. They claimed that Rafa was only one of several Lebanese and Palestinian agents operating in Lebanon for Israel. They added that an inspection of Rafa's home - including his personal computer, documents and apparently Israeli-made electronic equipment - further strengthened their argument that the findings were connected to Israel. Lebanese Army checking his other friends in the Lebanon Police. An Nahar newspaper reported that Rafeh had been working for the Mossad since 1994. It said the army found in his house forged Lebanese papers that female Mossad agents used to enter the country as the alleged wives of the ring members.Israeli intelligence agents stayed at the flat Rafeh had rented in Sidon near the residence of the Majzoub brothers to monitor their movements, the paper said. Six ring members have already been arrested and another two are believed to have fled to Israel, An Nahar added. Rafeh, who made headlines over the weekend as a "possible suspect" in the May 26 car bomb assassination of Mahmoud Majzoub, a leading member of Islamic Jihad, and his brother Nidal in Sidon, confessed to masterminding the recent killing and three others.The other assassinations were those of Hizbullah officials Ali Hassan Dieb and Ali Saleh on August 16, 1999 and August 2, 2003, respectively, as well as the May 20, 2002 murder of Jihad Ahmad Jibril, the son of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command leader Ahmad Jibril. At the time of the Majzoub assassination, Israel denied any connection to the car bombing. The army also credited the network with two other failed assassination attempts; the first consisting of explosive devices found along the Al-Zahrani main road on January 18, 2005, which were dismantled by the military; and a bomb that detonated at Jissr Al-Nameeh on August 22, 1999, which had been intended for Palestinian officials.Reports said on Tuesday that the first break in investigations came when a surveillance tape from Majzoub's security cameras identified a nearby apartment used to monitor the remote-controlled bombing. "The investigation is still ongoing to crack down on all the members of the network. Those currently under arrest will be sent to the special judiciary that will oversee this file," the army statement said.Sources close to the case said a total of 7 people, including Rafeh, were arrested in connection with the network. A Palestinian by the name of Hussein Khattab was identified by the sources as one of those arrested. Hizbullah officials praised the arrests, pointing to the terror network as "evidence" of Israel's threat to the region."It is a reminder that Israel [continues to pose a] threat, continues to breach Lebanon's security and should never be dismissed as a suspect in assassinations and explosions that have occurred in Lebanon," Hizbullah politburo member Ghalib Abu Zaynab told The Daily Star.Abu Zaynab said Hizbullah had provided "whatever information it could" to assist the army in its investigation. "Through cooperation we were able to crack down on a very important network," he said.As news of Rafeh's confession spread, reports appeared that his family had disowned him and urged the judiciary to hand out "the harshest punishments possible." "We have nothing to do with him and he is no longer a part of this family," said Rafeh's uncle, Mahmood Kassim Rafeh, during a family gathering in Hasbaya. Elders of the Druze community to which Rafeh belongs also distanced themselves from the confessed Israeli collaborator. Rafeh is a retired Internal Security Forces officer and former colonel in the Israeli-allied militia of former South Lebanon Army chief Antoine Lahd. "It was in Rafeh's garage at his villa where the Mercedes car used to kill the Majzoub brother was rigged with explosives," said a security source close to the case, adding the bomb was placed in the door of the car."Documents, maps, scanning devices and files on Majzoub's whereabouts were also found at his villa," he added.



Army Captures 'Terrorist Ring' Working for Mossad


Lebanese demand UN action on Mossad cell


Lebanon exposes deadly Israeli spy ring








Hizballah's Henchmen - Oct. 27, 2002


Israel's military is its most honored secular institution, with a reputation for ruthless efficiency and impregnability. That almost mythic image suffered a heavy blow last week, with the revelation that the army had a spy in its senior ranks. Lieut. Colonel Omar al-Hayeb, a Bedouin Arab from a well-known tribe in northern Israel, was remanded by a Tel Aviv court on charges he traded secrets to the Lebanese fundamentalist group Hizballah for a lucrative role in the drug route across the Lebanon-Israel border. Officials said Al-Hayeb passed on maps, details about sensitive intelligence facilities and personal information about senior officers. Al-Hayeb denied the charges, but prosecutors said their evidence included recorded phone conversations between al-Hayeb and a Leb-anese drug dealer named Abu Said who was the Bedouin's connection to Hizballah. Nine other Israeli Bedouin were arrested as part of crackdown on al-Hayeb's alleged drug ring. The drug-espionage scandal isn't the only finger Hizballah has in Israel's pie.,13005,901021104-384760,00.html


Labanese Hezbollah Spy in Israeli Army


الحكم بالسجن 15 سنة على ضابط اسرائيلي ادين بالتجسس لصالح حزب الله



4Law Exclusive Indictment IDF v. IDF Col. Heib - Hebrew




كولونيل عمر الهييب


الحكم 15 عاما على عمر الهيب بعد ادانته بالتجسس لصالح حزب الله


Col.Olar El Heib convicted of spying for Lebense militant group Hezbollah


Israeli colonel gets 15 years for giving information to Hizbullah


An Israeli court Sunday sentenced a colonel to 15 years in prison for providing Hizbullah with sensitive information on military deployments along Israel's northern border. The military tribune ordered Colonel Omar al-Heib's immediate expulsion from the army. Heib, a member of Israel's bedouin minority, was found guilty last May of charges of aggravated espionage, contact with an enemy agent and trafficking drugs which he received in exchange for the information. He was acquitted of charges of high treason. Following his sentence, Heib said that he intended to appeal the decision. According to his indictment, Heib provided a Hizbullah agent in 2002 with details on tanks and troops along the border, as well as on Israeli Air Force activity over Southern Lebanon, where most Hizbullah forces are deployed.. Heib, who had been a commander in an elite scouting unit before being seriously wounded in an exchange of fire with Hizbullah along the border, went on to recruit bedouin youths, who can volunteer to serve in the Israeli Army. Last week, Lebanon's Army uncovered a terrorist network with links to Israel's Mossad spy agency, and arrested several of its members, who confessed to having assassinated several Palestinian and Lebanese figures dating back to a Hizbullah official in 1999.


الحكم بالسجن 15 سنة على ضابط اسرائيلي ادين بالتجسس لصالح حزب الله


اعلن الجيش الاسرائيلي انه حكم امس على ضابط برتبة كولونيل بالسجن 15 سنة مع التنفيذ بعد ادانته بامداد حزب الله الشيعي اللبناني بمعلومات حساسة حول التحركات العسكرية على حدود اسرائيل الشمالية.
واعلن الكولونيل عمر الهيب الذي سرح من الجيش، انه سيستأنف الحكم.
وكانت محكمة عسكرية دانت في نهاية نيسان الضابط المتحدر من بدو اسرائيل بتهمة التجسس والاتصال بعنصر عدو.
كذلك ادانته بتهمة تهريب المخدرات التي تلقاها لقاء تقديم معلومات.
وذكر بيان الاتهام ان الكولونيل الهيب اعطى عنصرا في حزب الله عام 2002 تفاصيل عن قوات ودبابات اسرائيلية منتشرة على الحدود بين البلدين وعن نشاطات سلاح الجو الاسرائيلي في جنوب لبنان حيث تتمركز معظم قوات حزب الله.
وشنت ميليشيا حزب الله عدة هجمات على الجيش الاسرائيلي على طول الحدود اللبنانية منذ ان سحبت الدولة العبرية قواتها من جنوب لبنان عام 2000.
واصيب الكولونيل الهيب بجروح خطيرة خلال تبادل اطلاق نار مع حزب الله على الحدود حين كان برتبة قومندان في وحدة استطلاع خاصة وكلف بعد ذلك تجنيد شبان من الطائفة الدرزية في الجيش الاسرائيلي.




Washingtonpost - Israeli Arab Officer Sentenced for Spying


ABC Spain - Condenado a 15 años de cárcel un oficial israelí que colaboró con Hizbolá


French - Un officier israélien d'origine bédouine condamné pour espionnage


Un tribunal militaire spécial a condamné dimanche matin un officier israélien appartenant à la communauté bédouine à une peine de 15 ans de réclusion pour espionnage au profit du Hezbollah. Les juges ont en outre décrété quil serait exclu immédiatement des rangs de larmée. Laccusé, le lieutenant-colonel Omar El-Heïb, clamant son innocence, a prétendu que "le verdict ne lintéressait pas" et que "le dossier avait été monté de toutes pièces pour nuire à sa carrière".