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Friday, April 8, 2006


4Law – According to Internet Blogs in Japan the killer girl was with a shirt printed NEVADA. The Blogs brings pictures of the class and more info on her site…scroll down to the end of this page.


Sasebo school marks 1st anniversary of murder

Wednesday, June 1, 2005 at 11:51 JST

SASEBO — An elementary school in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, on Wednesday marked the first anniversary of the death of one of its sixth-grade students, who was killed by her classmate there. Some 180 students at Okubo Elementary School and members of the community attended the memorial ceremony for Satomi Mitarai, 12, to offer a silent prayer.
(Kyodo News)


Schoolgirl killer's web site linked to horror story site


Wednesday, June 9 , 2004 at 14:14 JST


SASEBO — A web site belonging to the 11-year-old girl in custody for killing a classmate at a primary school in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, was linked to a site featuring a horror story, investigative sources said Wednesday.

Investigators will look into how often the girl accessed the site that features a short story titled "The Red Room," in which a boy is slashed to death. On the first page is a disclaimer warning that the tale is "considerably scary" and that people with weak hearts should not access it. (Kyodo News)




The home page which the assault girl establishes. The cruelty to social problem converted has been published also the novel and the introduction etc. of the book of the magic which imitate "battle ロワイアル"


小6同級生殺害 女児HP分析「認められたい強い願望」


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Juvenile – Cyber Victim & Cyber Criminal   


Sasebo Internet Murder Case






The Murder in Sasebo School



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To the Police & Court  in Sasebo



Mitarai`s Lawyer: Unable to function normally






Satomi Mitarai   - The dead girl was said to be friends with her killer



Sasebo   - Guarding the Class kids…


小6同級生殺害 保護者対象に「こころの集会」佐世保市




Sasebo School  4/6/04

小6同級生殺害 市民が学校に冥福祈る花束






小6同級生殺害 女児「謝りたい」付添人弁護士に話す




Father`s  Lawyer Yahiro talks about the father's plight – The  wife (Satomi`s Mother dead already 3 years)

小6同級生殺害 被害女児に父が「手紙」




School Principal












School Principal









Thursday, June 3,  2004


Online message feud led to girl's murder


SASEBO, Nagasaki Pref. (Kyodo) An 11-year-old girl suspected of murdering her classmate at an elementary school here has told police that the conflict arose from instant messages they had been sending each other over the Internet, investigative sources said Wednesday.

Satomi Mitarai, 12, bled to death in a study room at the municipally run Okubo Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon after her neck was cut open with a cutter knife. The 11-year-old, a close friend, was taken into custody by police.

The girl was quoted as saying she summoned Mitarai out of their homeroom classroom with the intention of killing her.

The girls each had a Web site and often used their personal computers to communicate via text messages, Sasebo board of education officials said.

Police are examining the messages for a motive, they said.

The local child consultation office in Sasebo decided at a meeting the same day to send the case to a family court, which will decide whether to initiate a hearing over the juvenile case after examining the cause and background of the incident.

Office staff quoted the girl as saying that Mitarai had written something she "did not like" in a message. The girl said they had an argument after she asked Mitarai to stop sending such messages, they said. She said she began to dislike Mitarai after the argument, they said.

The girl was taken to the Sasebo branch of the Nagasaki Family Court later in the day before being sent to a juvenile classification home while the court probes the case.

Police sources said the girl has repeatedly told investigators that she is sorry. They said she has remained relatively calm during questioning.

Police at Sasebo Police Station said the girl was questioned between 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

They said she was given snacks during a break, but did not eat them. But for dinner, she had a bread roll and juice, they said.

The girl went to bed at 10:30 p.m. and slept at the police station in the company of two female staffers. She woke up at 7:50 a.m., police said.

The elementary school summoned students' parents to a meeting Wednesday morning to explain the incident, school officials said.

Okubo Elementary School Principal Eiko Desaki told a news conference later Wednesday that she was sorry for allowing the incident to happen.

"Something that should not have happened at a school, which should be a safe place (for children), did happen," she said. "I apologize from the bottom of my heart to Ms. Mitarai and the general public.

"I have attached importance on moral education, but I feel that everything I had been telling (the students) has all been brought to nothing."

The girls' homeroom teacher said they had been good friends who both liked to use computers.

Seventeen of the school's 187 pupils were absent Wednesday. Local education officials said they would have a clinical psychologist at the school every day to counsel the children if necessary. Teachers would also be given individual counseling sessions, they said.

Juvenile criminals under 14 in Japan are subject to the Child Welfare Law and cannot be punished under the Penal Code. Police are obliged to send juvenile suspects to a local child consultation office, which decides whether to send the case to a family court or place them in a special juvenile facility.







小6同級生殺害 児相所長が会見 普通の家庭の普通の子








Police in School











Parents of the attacker in the Juvenile Arrest Center Entrance


小6同級生殺害 「朝晩、手を合わせて」両親が面会





Links concern Sasebo Internet Murder - Japanese


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Satomi Mitarai on the far left wearing glasses and a green sweatshirt, Satomi stood grinning, giving a victory sign to the camera. Right next to her, with an inexplicable expression on her face, stood the killer— Nevada. According to Internet Blogs in Japan this girl NEVADA is the killer… Her real name is probably 辻菜摘 – in English: Tsuji greens picking out


辻菜摘 – NEVADA for the Story of the Japanese Blogs

Her real name is probably 辻菜摘  - it was inadvertently revealed by Fuji Television itself.


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