China Olympics Cyber Crime & IP Warning 27/7/08






China will broadcast the Olympic competitions and illegal activities related to the Internet and mobile platforms severely punished

State Copyright Bureau, Ministry of Information Industry and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held July 7 to combat illegal broadcast the Olympic tournament news conference. In the three departments jointly issued a notice requiring all localities to strengthen the area is legally permitted or filing of the Internet and mobile platforms supervision. The Internet and mobile platforms for serious cases of illegal broadcasting constitute a crime, will be held criminally responsible. State Copyright Bureau, deputy director of the Copyright Management Division Hsu Chao: the 29th session of the Olympic Games competitions and related activities in mainland China and Macau in the new media (Internet and mobile platforms) of broadcast rights from the International Olympic Committee granted an exclusive China Central Television, The Internet and mobile platforms can be achieved through the CCTV network communication centre in the form of authority, the legitimate use of the Olympic events and related activities as audio signals. It is understood that the broadcast content, including 3,800 hours of Olympic Games competitions and open, the closing ceremony, before the after cultural activities, torch relay, and other related activities of all video and audio content. This is our first stop illegal broadcast Olympic events and related activities.




SMS Fraud Cases 2008



络犯罪 2008 Cybercrime - 短信诈骗团伙 SMS Fraud Gang





四川汶川大地震以来,一些不法分子在抗震救灾的紧要关头,以震区受灾群众的名义,通过群发手机短信的形式诈骗钱财。5月14日有人在互联网上发贴,称有两个手机号码,向四川手机群发短信息,内容为爸爸妈妈,又地震了,我受伤了,手机和钱包都丢了,请速给我汇5000元钱来,并留下了银行帐户和收款人。武汉公安经侦部门经工作发现涉案手机号码、银行开户帐号,归属地均为武汉市,但所留银行帐号为假身份证开设,所留收款人为假名。对此,武汉公安经侦部门高度重视,本着为灾区人民服务的精神,急灾区被骗群众之所急,立即开展调查,并列为督办案件,务求尽快破案,以实际行动支持抗震救灾工作。经半个多月的奋战,武汉公安经侦部门在有关部门的配合下,于6月3日在该市建设大道成功抓获犯罪嫌疑人王某等3人,现场查获用于群发短信息的电脑2台,8口短信群发器5台,手机56部,银行卡18张,存折1.1万元,全国手机号码段资料本一册,手机卡千余张;同时还在室内查获160余枚党政机关、军队、事业单位假印章印模,数百本假证件、假文凭、假发票及车牌、驾驶执照等物品。目前案件在进一步审理中。(MPS 6/08)



Public security departments of Wuhan Economic Investigation Zhenban to earthquake victims in the name of the implementation of SMS fraud case


4 Chuan Wenchuan earthquake, a number of lawless elements in a critical juncture in earthquake relief to earthquake affected areas in the name of the masses through mass cell phone text message fraud in the form of money. May 14 was on the Internet postings, said there are two mobile phone number to phone in Sichuan mass text message, says "parents, earthquake, and I were injured, mobile phones and wallets are lost, Please click here 5000 yuan for giving me the money "and left a bank account and the payee. Public security departments of Wuhan Economic Investigation by the work involved in the case found the phone number, bank account number to open an account, are vested in Wuhan City, but the left bank account number for the creation of false identity cards, left by the payee for the pseudonym. In response, the Wuhan Public Security Economic Investigation departments attach great importance to the disaster areas in the spirit of serving the people, deceived the people of disaster areas acute urgency, immediately launched an investigation, tied for the handling of the case to case as soon as possible, take practical action to support earthquake relief work. Bangeduoyue by the fighting, the Wuhan Public Security Economic Investigation Department in coordination with relevant departments, in the June 3rd Avenue in the city successfully arrested the suspect Wang, and other three people, seized at the scene for the bulk of the text message Taiwan computer 2, 8-5 bulk SMS, phone 56, 18 bank cards, passbooks 11,000 yuan, the phone number of one of this information, more than 1,000 phone cards in-room at the same time also seized 160 pieces Party and government organs, the armed forces and institutions leave an impression of seals, hundreds of forged documents, fake diplomas, fake invoices and vehicle registration, driver's license and other items. In the present case to trial.(MPS 6/08)











Hangzhou MPS Monitor of the Unit