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Computer Crime Investigative Unit





Daniel T. Andrews -  CID Computer Crime Investigative Unit  - (9/04)  

Daniel    T.     Andrews     -  US ARMY CCUI  Acting Director  - (9/04)     

US Army     v.   "Global Hell"   Hacker   Chad    David   Davis  - (1/3/00)  



Computer Crime Investigative Unit:

a.  Performs worldwide felony criminal investigations involving intrusions into Army computer network/systems.
b.  Recommends changes to USACIDC policy, through the DCSOPS, relating to all aspects of computer crime.
c.  Maintains a cell of highly trained, experienced special agents with appropriate clearances and access to conduct investigations involving computer crimes and to provide technical expertise within USACIDC on information technology.
d.  Provides for the conduct and monitoring of investigations involving computer intrusions and incidents Army-wide.
e.  Provides support to USACIDC elements concerning sensitive and specialized computer crime investigations.
f.   Provides for technical assistance to USACIDC field offices as needed.
g.  Provides for a USACIDC representative at computer crime related committee meetings, working groups or other similar meetings.
h.  Provides for USACIDC liaison with other governmental agencies on computer crime related issues.
i.   Provides for law enforcement support to the Army C2 Protect program.
j.   Provides for the maintenance of criminal intelligence data on computer related issues.
k.  Reports on the evaluations of and recommends approval of training courses necessary to prepare USACIDC special agents for the investigation of computer crimes.
l.   Performs worldwide vulnerability assessments concerning US Army networks.






Computer Crime Investigative Unit - conducts investigation involving intrusions into Army computer networks/systems. Evolving technology and the genius of intruders constantly challenges highly skilled agents of this unit. Intruders range from non-malicious hackers to those intent upon disrupting a network or website to foreign intelligence probes. CCIU investigations have led to arrests of Soldiers, civilians and foreign nationals throughout the world who were engaged in cyber-crime directed at the U.S. Army.