Daniel T. Andrews -  CID Computer Crime Investigative Unit  - (9/04)  

Daniel    T.     Andrews     -  US ARMY CCUI  Acting Director  - (9/04)     

US Army     v.   "Global Hell"   Hacker   Chad    David   Davis  - (1/3/00)  



Extradition of Hackers : Spain & Israel & Ukraine




Ukrainian Hacker Extradited from Thailand Jailed for 35 months in US


Spanish Hacker Extradited from Argentina to Spain


Trojan writers couple extradited from UK to Israel for trial and  jailed



Update   -   May 10   , 2006


Court: Alleged Hacker Can Be Extradited


Gary McKinnon, 40, accused of mounting the largest ever hack of United States government computer networks  including Army, Air Force, Navy and NASA systems arrives at the Bow Magistrates Court for the last hearing of his extradition case, in central London Wednesday May 10, 2006. McKinnon, has been indicted in the states of New Jersey and northern Virginia on charges of illegally accessing 97 computers, causing US$700,000 (400,000 pounds, euro588,000) in damage. The alleged hacker  who has claimed he was searching for suppressed evidence of UFOs was arrested in 2002 and has fought against extradition. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

AP – LONDON. A British court recommended Wednesday that Gary McKinnon, 40, of London   be extradited to the United States to face charges in the largest attack on U.S. government computer networks including Army, Air Force, Navy and NASA systems. He has been indicted in New Jersey and Virginia for allegedly hacking into U.S. government computers between February 2001 and March 2002. He was arrested in 2002 and has fought his extradition.

Gary McKinnon Video - Talks





Indictment: US v. Gary Mckinnon        (12/11/02)



UK National High Tech Crime Unit Notice

8 June 2005




A British man wanted in the United States for allegedly carrying out "the biggest military computer hack of all time" is due to appear at Bow Street Magistrates Court today (8 June 2005).

Arrested in November 2002 by officers from the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, part of the National Crime Squad, Gary McKinnon, 39, of north London faces extradition over claims he gained illegal access and made alterations to US military and NASA computers over a 12-month period from 2001 to 2002.

Using software available for download on the Internet, McKinnon -- an unemployed computer systems administrator -- allegedly hacked into 92 separate networks operated by the US Army, Navy, Air Force and the Pentagon.

The US government estimated the the cost of tracking and correcting the alleged problems to be about $1 million (£570,000).

McKinnon was indicted in 2002 by a US grand jury on eight counts of computer-related crimes in 14 different states and was arrested yesterday (8 June) by the Metropolitan Police's Extradition Unit.

The US indictment said he hacked into an Army computer at Fort Myer, Virginia, obtained administrator privileges and transmitted codes, information and commands before deleting about about 1,300 user accounts.

It alleged he also "deleted critical system files" on the computer, copied a file containing usernames and encrypted passwords for the computer and installed tools to gain unauthorised access to other machines. 






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