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China's telephone subscribers exceed 800 mln  2007-03-14 16:06:47 

 BEIJING, March 14 (Xinhua) -- The number of cell phone and fixed phone subscribers in China exceeded 800 million at the end of 2006, Minister of Information Industry Wang Xudong said here Wednesday. The number of Internet subscribers has surpassed 130 million, he added.

China MP warns of defence leaks via Internet 
2007-03-12 16:31:06 Source :

BEIJING: Chinese Internet users should keep national security in mind and not reveal military secrets through online chat rooms, emails or blogs, Xinhua news agency said on Sunday citing a warning from a member of parliament. Lin Kang, a National People's Congress deputy from the second artillery corps, said the Internet has made the exchanges of military information easier, as many Web portals have set up special military columns and some military experts have opened blogs."Some fanciers pour out military information they know when chatting, emailing and posting articles on the Internet," Xinhua quoted Lin as saying, noting that such doings could betray confidential military matters."Relevant government departments should ... enhance management and supervision of the Internet and timely clear out online contents that let out military secrets," he was quoted as saying.
China employs an army of cyber cops ()  that monitor citizens' emails and ferret out any postings deemed politically sensitive. 

President Hu Asks Officials to Better Cope with Internet 
Xinhua News Agency January 25, 2007

Hu made the call at a study session of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China (CPC), saying officials should "actively and creatively nurture a healthy online culture" that meets public demand. "Whether we can cope with the Internet is a matter that affects the development of socialist culture, the security of information, and the stability of the state," Hu said, asking officials to use the Internet as a platform to spread healthy information. Hu asked officials to become more knowledgeable and to improve their ability to administer the Internet. He told officials to provide conditions for developing websites that carry "excellent content" and improve the delivery of information. China's Internet population jumped by almost 24 percent last year to reach 137 million, according to the China Internet Network Information Center. Nearly one in 10 Chinese have Internet access and many regularly go online to read news, chat with friends, shop, and engage in debates. The report also showed the number of Chinese bloggers reached 20.8 million at the end of last year, of whom 3.15 million are active authors. 
The rising number of bloggers also caused problems and disputes. In 2006, blog piracy, infringement and "irresponsible" publications prompted the government to commission a study on the implementation of real-name blogs. China Internet Association Councillor Hu Qiheng said the government was considering new ways to supervise blogs, requiring bloggers to identify themselves when they register, even if they write under a pseudonym. The Ministry of Culture in December ordered all music distributors to register and apply for approval from cultural authorities to distribute imported music products on the Internet. It also required online music based on music products copied or composed by netizens for non-profit purposes to be monitored more closely, saying some products had poor quality, or content that abused ethnic traditions or affected social stability.
FOX TV on the topic - Save as /Open:Hu Jintao China`s Boss & Bill Gates

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China looks to rein in bloggers
Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:35 AM IST

BEIJING (Reuters) - China will intensify controls of the growing numbers of bloggers using the Internet to lay bare their thoughts, politics and even bodies, the country's chief censor has announced.The director of China's General Administration of Press and Publication, Long Xinmin, said the administration was forming rules to further regulate Internet publishing, including the country's legions of bloggers, the Beijing Morning Post reported on Tuesday."We must recognise that in an era when the Internet is developing at a breakneck pace, government oversight and control measures and means are facing new tests," Long told members of China's national parliament on Monday, the report said. Long singled out bloggers as one challenge.Long said "citizens' freedom of expression would be fully protected".But China's restless blogging population has been a headache for the ruling Communist Party, which has sought to extend long-standing censorship to the country's fast-growing Internet.By last September, the number of blog sites in China reached 34 million, a 30-fold increase from four years before.

Internet Filtering in China in 2004-2005: A Country Study
Islamists -  Islamists Are Not Terrorists But  Terrorists Are Islamists
CASABLANCA Internet Cafe 12/3/07 (Reuters)

Man blows himself up in Moroccan Internet cafe

March 12, 2007 01:12 EDT.CASABLANCA, Morocco (AP) -- A man who was prevented from looking at terror Web sites at an Internet cafe in Morocco then blew himself up. Four others were injured in the blast on the outskirts of Casablanca. Morocco's official news agency says two men entered the cafe Sunday night seeking access to terrorist sites. When the owner's son forbid them for doing so, one of the men was suddenly blown up by explosives he was wearing.

AllahHunt Thanks to Muhamad 

Gaza v. Internet Cafes - 45 internet café bombings in Gaza since December 1 2006.About 45 Internet outlets have been bombed since Dec. 1, according to figures from Gaza’s Central Police Office. The attacks are occurring against a backdrop of intense infighting between Fatah, the main faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and Hamas, the Islamist party and militia that has grown into the Palestinians’ dominant political force. The street clashes have led to general lawlessness.“Gaza society tends toward conservatism, and some people are suspicious of the Internet, but the attacks on Internet cafes come in the context of general chaos,” said Isam Younis, director of Gaza’s independent Al-Mizan Center for Human Rights. “Simply, there’s an absence of law.”A group called the Swords of Islamic Righteousness has claimed responsibility for the attacks. In a leaflet distributed at Al-Azhar University last month, it said it attacked Internet cafes “which are trying to make a whole generation preoccupied with matters other than jihad and worship.”

Cops in AllahHunt 
Des cybercafés pas prêts 
Les terroristes se servent d'Internet d'une façon extraordinaire.On va s'occuper notamment des cybercafés parce qu'on s'aperçoit qu'un certain nombre de terroristes passent par les cybercafés parce que l'anonymat y est garanti.  Nicolas Sarkozy a expliqué son intention de renforcer la surveillance des cybercafés, en leur imposant notamment de garder pendant un an les données de connexion de leurs clients. 
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Ex Communists- Hooligans Lovers
Moscow: Libraries Move to Internet Cafes  - Love to the book  in downloading from the Internet

The first stage of the program of modernization of capital libraries is completed. Now in intelligence-centers of areas Lyublino and Textile workers are a karaoke, the Internet-cafe and billiard rooms. Visitors use the Reading room as a waiting room before party set in table tennis.Party set in billiards or tennis - in breaks between intellectual loadings. New services of usual library. Acquaintance to classics here is accompanied by songs under a karaoke, a sit-round gathering in local cafe or in "world wide web". For the sake of free-of-charge hour on the Internet seventh-grader Andrey Chul now goes to library every day. However, to sit down for a computer, it is necessary to enter the name and wait in advance for the turn, but it is that costs stands, considers counts Andrey: " Now it is possible to not read any more the book, and to sit on the Internet and surf  that is necessary for you than sit in the house ".
Organizers of  the experiment hoped, that free-of-charge leisure in library at the same time will raise and increase also interest to the book. But while a reading room use as a waiting room , behind magazines the youth whiles away time, places in the next rooms will not be released and exempted yet. Because of them, by the way, it was necessary to press book storehouses. Now books in the list of interests of visitors - on the third place, after the Internet and magazines about sports. The classical literature from the school program, according to librarians, is in demand, only if it is  on CD or on video. For example, " Anna Kareninu ", 
" War and peace " schoolboys can look at us on the big screen , - the employee of library speaks. By the way, through the big screen it is possible still even  and to leave on communication and connection with the chapter and head of area and to ask a question in a mode on-line. Now the library involves even teachers. Teachers come here and speak: " all our hooligans here ". And we are glad, thats alive, mobile children really here. "We involve as much as possible such children ",  director of centralized library system  Lyudmila Sorokin speaks.In plans at the capital government - to alter all libraries of city in such intelligence-centers. Computers, the sports equipment and small face lifting - total about four millions roubles on one transformation. While experiment has not gone further Southeast district of Moscow. Intelligence-centers here already in six  areas. However, because of the big inflow of visitors of a premise room of former libraries now three times are overloaded.

The Russian politicians are afraid of the Internet

VESTI.RU 2007 03 14

According to some experts, the Internet-censorship Russia can quite repeat the Chinese script of succession of events.

Angry  Communists
Urumqi : Xinjiang eight primary and middle school students will be accepting Internet Cafe shutdown 

CHINANEWS.CN   2007 02 15  15:24 

Data : The General Office of the NPC Standing Committee held a news conference. Director of the NPC Committee for Internal and Judicial league in Jianwei In response to a reporter's question on the issue of amendments to the Law on the Protection of Minors that burdens middle and primary school students, bars are indeed issues of concern to the community. This amendment to the Law on the Protection of Minors these two issues are given attention, they made some new regulations. Urumqi City made Liaowenjing perturbation inspection department of the culture market, winter holidays during the Spring Festival, will further intensify the supervision and management of Internet cafes, prosecute and middle school students accepted the cafe, accepting eight middle school students to be punished with the punishment business. 

Paranoid  Communists
NANFANGDAILY.COM.CN  2006 10 08   10:58

Suspect  Chicken

Premier Wen Jiabao in Tongnan County of Chongqing Longmen Village at meetings with farmers and a farmer's courtyard, a chicken run come in. Premier Wen said with a smile : "It would like to listen to our forum". Xinhua News Agency reporters Tao Tai and Wei Zhe 

The Suspect  Chicken in Chinese Printed Newspaper Front Page in  15/3/07