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IDF Maj. charged over bid to spy for Iran, Hamas, Russian intelligence service FSB


INDICTMENT - State of Israel v. David Shamir Hebrew PDF




David Shamir, indicted over espionage charges, at Tel Aviv District Court on Friday. (4Law Photo/Motti Kimchi)



David Shamir, indicted over espionage charges, at Tel Aviv District Court on Friday. (4Law Photo/Motti Kimchi)


IDF major charged over attempt to spy for Iran, Hamas, Russia


By Ofra Eidelman, Haaretz Correspondent


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Tel Aviv District Court on Friday indicted over espionage charges a psychiatric doctor who serves as a Major in the Israel Defense Forces reserves for offering information to Iran, Russia and Hamas. David Shamir, 45, confessed to the charges, which also stated he asked for money in return for his services.According to the indictment, Shamir was exposed to classified information during his service as an IDF reservist, including the Medical Corps' emergency plans, the manner of IDF medical teams' deployment, the situation of their command centers and programs for evacuating civilians during missile attacks.Shamir allegedly made contact with the Iranian Foreign Ministry in April 2007, offering his services as an Israeli officer and civilian.In August 2007, Shamir reportedly sent faxes from his home in Israel to Iranian Consulates in London and Turkey, again offering his assistance to Iran. Shamir received no response and again offered his services in October 2007.
The indictment states that Shamir contacted the Hamas-run Al-Azhar University in Gaza this past November and expressed his desire "to take part in the struggle. "Shamir also allegedly contacted the Russian intelligence service FSB, and inquired about the recruitment process for spies, expressing his desire to serve the organization.Shamir has been charged with contacting a foreign agent and obstruction of justice.





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