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French clashes against youth labor bill goes to the Internet

French riot police clashed Saturday afternoon with demonstrators protesting the controversial First Employment Contract (CPE), Paris as some young people threw missiles at police. Windows were broken and a car set on fire. Organizers claimed that some 300,000 protested in Paris Saturday afternoon and a million in more than 150 demonstrations nationwide after nationwide demonstrations on Thursday drawing up to half a million university and high-school students. The FIDL high-school students' union vowed a new day of action on Thursday if the government does not back down. France's education has been disturbed by the protests that have lasted two weeks, with up to 60 out of the country's 84 universities affected. Demonstrators demanded that the government scrap the CPE, which, having been adopted by the French parliament, allows employers to fire without explanation newly hired workers under the age of 26 within two years. They said the law infringes workers' rights, making it harder for young people to get long-term employment. Blogs in the Internet are making connections with the demonstrators.


Le CPE mobilise sur Internet

Internet prend toute son importance en cas d'actualité chaude. Le nombre de sites évoquant le CPE le montre


Blogs, sites militants ou syndicaux, sites dinformationla galaxie internet regorge dinformations autour du CPE que ce soit pour donner des informations, pour mobiliser les troupes ou pour discuter à travers des forums.


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"Terrorisme Urbain" Via Internet





Background 9/11/05:



Blogs and text messages spread call to violence


By Thomas Crampton International Herald Tribune


PARIS. The banners and bullhorns of protest are being replaced in volatile French neighborhoods by mobile phone messages and Skyblog, a Web site hosting messages inflammatory enough to prompt three criminal prosecutions this week. Police officials are saying that youths have coordinated local arson attacks using mobile phone messages, and have arrested three people for comments on the online diaries known as blogs that are hosted by Skyblog. The site belongs to the nationwide radio station Skyrock, which has four million listeners daily and claims the largest audience of any radio station among 13-to-24-year-olds.The Skyblog site says that it hosts more than three million blogs, with new ones coming online at a pace of 20,000 a day, and is possibly the most popular meeting point for French youths on the Internet. Those prosecuted for inciting violence in their postings this week included a 14-year-old from Aix-en-Provence who called on rioters to attack police stations, according to Justice Minister Pascal Clément. Blog entries of those arrested also included ones calling on youths in the Paris region to rise up at once in a coordinated attack. "Unite, Ile-de-France, and burn the cops," one of the postings said, according to Agence France-Presse. "Go to the nearest police station and burn it." Another message called on youths in housing projects to start arson attacks between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Friday. Under French law, such calls to violence can result in sentences of one to seven years in prison. Judicial officials said the three youths arrested did not know one another, but had all used Skyblog to send out their message. Speaking during a press conference on Monday, the director general of the police, Michel Gaudin, condemned some blog entries as "real calls to violence." Through blog entries, he added, the police have been able to watch development of a competition between housing projects to produce the most violence and damage. Following the arrests, a spokesman for Skyrock issued a statement that the station would block any blog content deemed too inflammatory. "Whatever you do, I do not want you to use my name," the spokesman added. "You can imagine from what is happening in the suburbs that if someone finds out that we deleted their blog, it could mean a bullet in the head." Censorship of Skyblog became severe enough by Tuesday afternoon to become a major topic of conversation on the most popular blogs. Postings on a memorial blog that features photos of the youths whose deaths inspired the unrest, bouna93.skyblog.com, emphasized the need for polite postings. "I am sorry about your comments that disappeared," the host, operating under the name Bouna93, said. "This blog was created as a homage to our friends Bouna and Zied and not to insult them or others." Anti-government statements are peppered throughout commentaries on the blog aulnaysousboi01.skyblog.com, which has been keeping an hourly diary of events in the suburbs. "Sarkozy propaganda must stop," said one unidentified commentary, referring to the interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, and many of the well-publicized riot incidents, including the fatal beating of a 61-year-old man by a hooded youth in a Paris suburb. "The old guy killed by the youths had nothing to do with the riots," the commentary said.

A recent speech by the president and founder of the radio station Skyrock, Pierre Belanger, described how he intended to develop a dialogue with and among young people in France. "We are targeting the first generation to have grown up after the Internet and mobile phone revolutions," Belanger said. "Eighty percent of our listeners have access to Internet and 90 percent own a cellular phone." Rather than traditional-style radio broadcasting, he said, he wanted a conversation with French youth over Internet and SMS messages. Suburban youths are not the only ones blogging. Éric Raoult, a member of Parliament representing the troubled Seine-Saint-Denis region, has blogged many events, including his decision to place the region under curfew.  

"It is unfortunate we have arrived at this point," a person identified as Lionel commented. "How is it that parents did not already make that decision themselves?" Official Web sites have also been hit by hacking and Google "bombing." For a time over the weekend the French version of Google returned the home page for the French president's political party when users typed in a search for Paris and the words "riot" or "suburb" in French. 

The Web site, www.u-m-p.org, features a banner advertisement of Sarkozy, whose hard-line policing tactics are blamed by many in the suburbs as alienating the youth there. Another Web site taken over by hackers was the municipal Web site of Clichy-sous-Bois, the commune in which the unrest began. An article declaring the town mayor had resigned was posted on the Web site and sent out to all who had signed up for the municipal e-mail newsletter.A tersely worded press release on the Clichy-sous-Bois site denounces the act as illegal and insists it has no impact on the status of the mayor: "Of course the information was a lie and does not have any legal standing."





Trois arrestations pour incitation à l'émeute sur "blog"


4Law - Publié le 07/11/05 à 19:51


Trois personnes dont un mineur ont été arrêtées pour incitation à l'émeute sur "blog"


Les trois "blogs" utilisés, des sites internet personnels, étaient hébergés sur le site de la radio Skyrock, qui les a désactivés durant le week-end.

Skyrock Blog


Trois arrestations pour incitation à l'émeute sur des blog


4Law - publié le Lundi 07 Novembre 2005 à 15:45


Trois personnes, dont un mineur, soupçonnés d'avoir lancé sur internet des appels à l'émeute et à l'agression contre des policiers ont été arrêtés ce matin à Aix-en-Provence et en région parisienne.

Les trois blogs qui exhortaient aux violences urbaines ont été désactivés ce week-end.

Le parquet de Paris a diligenté une enquête préliminaire sur les trois blogs, qui a été confiée à l'OCLTIC (Office central de lutte contre la criminalité liée aux technologies de l'information et de la communication).






La police a arrêté trois jeunes qui appelaient chacun à l'émeute sur leur blog, a annoncé lundi le ministre de la Justice Pascal Clément."Ces trois blogs on été démantelés. L'un des jeunes, qui était l'un des auteurs du blog, avait 16 ans et était d'Aix-en-Provence. Il appelait à l'émeute et à l'attaque des commissariats de police", a expliqué M. Clément lors d'une conférence de presse.Les trois jeunes, des mineurs, "ne se connaissent pas entre eux", a précisé M. Clément selon qui ces blogs "avaient pris comme support" le site internet de la radio Skyrock.



Attention : Ce blog a été désactivé !





France -  O.C.L.C.T.I.C.










Cyber manif



Les blogs sont dans le collimateur





Violences urbaines: mise en examen de deux auteurs d'un blog appelant à s'en prendre à la police




Trois personnes interpellées pour des blogs qui appelaient aux violences urbaines






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First Death Is Reported in Paris Riots as Arson Increases


Photo non datée de Jean - Jacques Le Chenadec qui est décédé le 7 novembre 2005




Jean-Jacques Le Chenadec, 61 ans, victime vendredi soir à Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis) d'une agression sans lien établi avec les violences urbaines qui ont eu lieu le même soir dans le département, est décédé lundi.

Jack Guez (AFP/AFP - lundi 7 novembre 2005, 20h06)



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