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Zip   -  Israeli Military Censorship Orders  August 14, 2006
Lebanon Psysop 06 - Part 2:Hacking Al Manar TV
4Law 8/6/07   -
Israeli Army Hackers IDF Hacking Unit Enlarge Window 
4Law 8/6/07   - On the last video "IDF Hacking Unit" - The Video Content Transcrypt .

Israeli EW [electronic warfare] Battalion   - IDF Hackers Unit   7/6/07

Israeli electronic warfare units jamming systems were able to jam the systems at the Hezbollah TV & Radio in Beirut, at least as presented by 4Law site the Israelis were able to Jam and Hack Hezbollah's command and control communications, they blocked the TV & Radio systems, and they hacked into Hezbollah's operations communications at least to Media facilities. Hacked TV & Radio   programs presented in the relevant files in Video & Audio in 4Law site.4Law site brings the real evidence concern the IDF Jamming & Hacking into Hezbollah`s Media Facilities. Based  also on Arabic reliable sources in Lebanon as well as other countries. Not based only on the Israelis. Here in this video - EW Unit [Signal Corps electronic warfare unit] Battalion in IDF .Presented first time in Israeli TV10 in June 7, 2007. Marking 40 years of the Six Days War . Talking in this video Paletinain Radio in Gaza Strip says in Arabic:" occupation forces disrupt us intentionally in our wave frequency in Han Unis and big parts from the City Rafiah". The Hebrew report says the unit talks in Arabic and  disrupt  the enemy communications. After Sergant Omri EW fighter talking talks Brig. Gen. Shmuel (Shmulik) Keynan Chief of the Communication, Computerization & Technology Division. Keynan confirmed the attacked Hezbollah's systems. The report says this EW unit is one of the most secret units in IDF. Report Continued with Lt. Col. Eyal commander of the EW Battalion. After the commander short speech says the report that the EW unit hacked to Radio stations in Gaza Strip and warned the civilians. An EW unit man dressed in civil called Eli explained in Arabic what they said to the Gaza Strip civilians "we ask all the people please leave your house". The report says and presents partially how the EW hacked to the Al Manar TV station in Beirut in July/August 1986. After   partial video of the TV Hacking. The commanders say that they did not operate in full power in Lebanon. The Israeli Tadiran-Elisra Electronics offers a range of electronic warfare systems for the military, including active countermeasure systems. The EW Battalion used also tools from this group presented in this video.

4Law 6/12/06 

Lebanon - 'War of Screens' Escalate Between Pro-, Anti-Government Supporters

The Mustaqbal movement has accused Hizbullah of plotting to plunge Lebanon into a "dangerous sectarian conflict" after Hizbullah's television held the "authority militia" of Sunni MP Saad Hariri responsible for the killing of a Shiite protestor in a recent street fight.A statement, released Monday night by Hariri's Future movement, denied the charge by Al-Manar TV as "media distortion." The movement accused Hizbullah and its television station of plotting to drive the country into a "dangerous sectarian conflict through sectarian injection and agitation for sectarian unrest."The statement also accused armed Hizbullah members of "carrying out kidnapping activities" in the Bshamoun neighborhood, a mixed town of Druze and Sunnis. The statement did not say how many people have been kidnapped. It assured that Hizbullah "is the only side which possesses an armed militia and 20,000 rockets and is financed and armed from abroad."Al-Manar accused three persons from what it dubbed "Mustaqbal movement militia" of shooting Mahmoud, 20, in a clash on Sunday night. Saniora ordered a thorough police investigation in Mahmoud's killing which coincided with a series of street fights in predominantly Sunni neighborhoods of Beirut between supporters of the Hizbullah-led opposition and young men backing Saniora's government. The statement, announced by Hariri's Future television, and published in Lebanese newspapers on Tuesday, held Hizbullah and Al-Manar responsible for "any harm" inflicted on members of the Future Movement or pro-Hariri supporters. The "War of Screens" between Future TV and Al-Manar has gone sky-high after a Hizbullah-led protest to topple Premier Fouad Saniora was launched on Friday. ( Naharnet )

4/12/06 - UPDATE on Al Manar / Hezbollah TV US Channel  Indictment 
"Hezbollah TV", en El Periscopio 
4Law Exclusive : Unsealed Al Manar US TV Indictment - PDF
Hezbollah TV Network Made Payments to NY Men, Prosecutors Charge
4Law 4/12/06 -  Seeking an outlet for its propaganda in America, Hezbollah's television network paid  NY men to broadcast its programming, prosecutors charged.Hezbollah's network, al Manar, made 4 monthly payments of nearly $28,000 each to a satellite television company owned by the NY men , HDTV, according to an Indictment unsealed  by MICHAEL J. GARCIA, the US Attorney for the Southern District of NY & MARK J. MERSHON, the Assistant Director in Charge of  NY Field Office of FBI . The alleged payments spanned from December 2005 until the spring of this year.The Indictment offers a glimpse into the alleged business relationship between al Manar and HDTV. HDTV's owner, Javed Iqbal, who also broadcasts sermons by Christian evangelists, was Arrested in August for allegedly offering to charge his New York customers for access to al Manar's broadcasts. Now a second man, Mr. Iqbal's business partner, is charged as well.The Indictment alleges that, through a company called HDTV Ltd., IQBAL and ELAHWAL conspired to broadcast Hizballah's TV station, Al Manar, to HDTV's customers from September 2005 through August 2006. In exchange, HDTV received payments of thousands of dollars from Al Manar. The Indictment further alleges that IQBAL and ELAHWAL worked to provide electronic equipment relating to satellite television broadcasting to Hizballah through Al Manar. IQBAL was Arrested on related charges on August 23, 2006, pursuant to a Criminal Complaint
Javed Iqbal Sites: http://www.hdtvuplink.com/     -    http://www.fccfederal.com/

Silive.Com Photos

Lebanon Psysop 06 - Part 1 :Lebanon Leaflets
Israeli  TV10 & Al Manar Before Hacking Enlarge Window  -
4Law - Los hackers van a la guerra -  Parece ser que en esta guerra, las armas convencionales no son las unicas lanzas de batalla. Los hacker militares israelíes han decidido manipular webs, televisores y radios libaneses con mensajes e imagenes propagandistas políticas. Entre ellas se encuentra la web del Al Manar. Pero la cosa no queda ahí, y ya incluso llegan a interceptar telefonos móvil, insertando mensajes de texto y voz en la población civil.
Lebanese Communication Group (LCG) .Mr. Nayef Kraiem Chairman of the Board / Director General of El Manar TV.Abel Al-Nour Street, Haret Hreik PO Box 354/25 - Beirut - Lebanon .El MANAR TV 
Tel: 961 1 601020 / 540440.Fax : 961 1 553138 .
RADIO ANNOUR.Tel: 961 1 543555.Fax: 961 1 270038 Mr. Youssef Zeen Director General .
China Report -      The  China  1 Video in This Page Also Save as...
Chinese /English Automatic Translation of this Chinese Video - The Transcript
The Lebanon Allah party "the lighthouse" the television station is exploded
The Lebanon and Israel both sides tactical situation is intense, the heartless shell falls one after another in the building, the Lebanese Allah party "the lighthouse" the television station has not been able to escape by luck. The video frequency picture demonstrated that, a missile raids, television signal on sudden stop. Afterwards, the Israeli troops provide the navigation pats the picture to demonstrate that, the Israeli troops launch missile happen to hits "the lighthouse" the television station headquarters building, the building sky thick smoke is billowing.
4Law - IDF Intel. Hacking the Airwaves of  Radio Nour, and Radio Sawt Al-Shab

(Radio Sawt Al-Shab -  the radio station of the communist party, which identifies with Hizbullah) to relay Israeli messages aimed at boosting deterrence, demoralizing Hizbullah and presenting Nasrallah as a liar and incapable leader. Here one the IDF Intelligence Arabic Hacking Audio Record.
Any message ends with name of "State of Israel" (In Arabic Words you hear in the Audio - "Daulat  Isreel").
This recording captured from the 103.9 FM radio frequency in Lebanon 1/8/06.
The  statements  aired by an Israeli radio transmission into Lebanese territory and voiced over phone calls made by Israel to random Lebanese phone numbers. These have been ongoing since the beginning of the war.

Listen to The Radio Hacking Message

Free Translation:To the Lebanese citizens: Hizbullah's terrorist acts targetted at Israeli territories got you in this situation that you are currently in. Know that the State of Israel will continue to act with strength and determination to stop the terrorist acts that originate from inside Lebanese territories. It is in the hand of Israel to fatally strike the Lebanese terrorists, as it has proved during the previous days. Where is Hassan Nasrallah? He fled to his cave, just like the other terrorists who fled the battle as soon as they heard the first shot. The State of Israel.

Let it smell good
"I have to give it to the IDF. Their latest airdrop was by far the most creative I have seen so far, and probably the most effective. Not only does it look like the normal products we would buy in Lebanon for the car to smell good, but it also smells the same - Cedar scent. What's really hilarious is that the Cedar has that little extra feature: a cartoonish head of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah sticking out from behind it. The text reads: "Let it to smell good". And all this came packaged and free from the sky.
If anyone is reading this from the IDF, you have to know that these are the sort of creative things that work. Hundreds of people were scrambling the streets to pick up the Cedars and myself was highly surprised by the thought behind this one. It's much better than throwing notes with a list of the names of 100 Hizbullah soldiers dead. I wonder if the hired an ad agency for this one." (Beirut Live - 13/8/06)
MEMRI:AL MANAR TV Chief Abdallah Qasir Speaks & Eng. Translation - Streaming  - 3/10/05   - 
Israel hijacks Lebanon media, names Hezbollah fighters killed -Malaysia Sun. Monday 14th August, 2006 
The Israeli army says it has taken over Lebanon's al-Manar television station and Noor radio station, and is broadcasting the names of Hezbollah guerillas it has killed.The army is also distributing leaflets across Lebanon naming 180 Hezbollah fighters it says it has identified with certainty. Israel claims to have killed 530 Hezbollah fighters, and destroyed much of its infrastructure, including rocket supplies, and launchers.The Israel Defense Forces in a statement on Sunday said it had taken over all broadcasting channels of the two organizations.Al-Manar is considered a mouthpiece for Hezbollah as it broadcasts statements and news released by the organization, and transmits interviews with, and statements by, the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. The network was bombed a day after Hezbollah operatives captured two Israeli soldiers inside Israel's borders. It was bombed a further five times in the following days. According to an unconfirmed report by Egypt's Middle East News Agency, three weeks ago, Israel managed 'to intercept the satellite transmissions of Hezbollah's al-Manar TV channel, replacing it with Israeli transmissions that reportedly showed Hezbollah command sites and rocket launching pads which Israel claimed it had raided'.Al-Manar TV has three satellite signals, one on ArabSat 2B at 30.5 degrees east, one on Badr 3 at 26 degrees east and one on NileSat 102 at 7 degrees west. In recent days, according to the IDF, all channels have been diverted to Israeli programming.Al-Manar itself was named as a foreign terrorist organization by the United States eighteen months ago. 'The designation is to put al-Manar television on the Terrorist Exclusion List because of its incitement of terrorist activity,' State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said at the time. As a result of the classification, al-Manar was removed from the satellite which beamed it into the United States.In Beirut, al-Manar accused the State Department of attacking freedom of expression and indulging in 'intellectual terrorism against those voices which do not go along with American and Israeli policies.' The decision 'contradicts all claims and slogans which the U.S. administration raises to promote what it calls freedom and democracy in the Arab world,' a statement said. The station is a licensed media organization under Lebanese law and not a political organization, the statement added.Farid Abboud, said his country strongly disagreed with the new designation. In Washington Lebanese Ambassador Farid Abboud opposed the decision saying, 'If you want simply to demonize or eliminate one side, you're not going to advance the issue. If you are going to focus on one side simply because of the political message, it's unacceptable and it's a grave breach of the freedom of speech.'Boucher responded, 'It's not a question of freedom of speech; it's a question of inciting to violence. And we don't see why here or anywhere else a terrorist organization should be allowed to spread its hatred and incitement through the television airwaves.'(malaysiasun.com)
The compound of buildings housing the television station of the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, al-Manar, is seen following an Israeli raid 16 July 2006 on a Hezbollah stronghold on the southern suburbs of Beirut. Hezbollah denied today Israeli reports that its leader Hassan Nasrallah had been wounded in a Beirut air raid. "We deny categorically that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has been injured," a Hezbollah official told AFP following the Israeli media reports. AFP PHOTO/RAMZI HAIDAR
Israel hacket Hizbollah.Midt under nyhetssendingen på Hizbollah-stasjonen Al Manar ble det vist bilder av libanesiske lik, og Hizbollah-sjef Nasrallah ble kalt løgner.( nettavisen.no )
Bilder av lik i rutan när tv-kanal kapades - Israel hackade sig in i Hizbollahs nyhetssändning
 Plötsligt dök bilder av lik upp i kvällens nyhetssändning.  Israel hade hackat sig in i Hizbollahs tv-kanal Al Manar för att kalla Hizbollahs shiitiske milisledare Hassan Nasrallah för lögnare. (aftonbladet.se)
IDF  Hackers Unit Hacks Hizbollah TV Enlarge Window 
CNN TV  on Psyops  & Blogging in Beirut  -  Streaming  -   9/8/06
FOX TV : Israel Target Hizbollah `s Al Manar TV Facilities  -  Streaming/Save as - 2/8/06
IDF/IAF Strike on Al Manar Broadcasting Station in Beirut   - Streaming/Save as - 16/7/06   - 
AlJazeera Strike on Al Manar Broadcasting Station in Beirut   - Streaming/Save as - 13/7/06
CNN New Yorker Arrested for Providing Hezbollah TV Channel  -  Streaming  -   25/8/06 -
IDF broadcasts Hizbullah's dead on al-Manar 
Israeli army takes over terror group's TV station airwaves twice daily to show propaganda films presenting Nasrallah as liar, showing Hizbullah operatives fleeing from battle .While Israel Defense Forces soldiers are fighting brutal battles in the villages of southern Lebanon , the army is also fighting a fierce PR war against Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah . The IDF took over the airwaves of Hizbullah's al-Manar television network as it showed Nasrallah's last speech and replaced the broadcast with propaganda footage. The video showed the bodies of Hizbullah operatives and asserted that fighters were fleeing from the battlegrounds. Since the beginning of fighting in Lebanon the IDF has briefly taken control of the airwaves of al-Manar, Radio Nour, and Radio Sawt Al-Shab (the radio station of the communist party, which identifies with Hizbullah) to relay Israeli messages aimed at boosting deterrence, demoralizing Hizbullah and presenting Nasrallah as a liar and incapable leader. Clips broadcast on al-Manar made use of motifs taken from the world of Lebanon and Hizbullah, including quotes from Nasrallah. The IDF has only assumed control of ground transmissions via regular antennae; satellite broadcasts were uninterrupted. Like everything in the IDF, there was a three-part explanation supporting the take-over of Hizbullah media: 1. Use of the organization's own platforms to broadcast Israel 's messages.2. Creating the sense that the organization is "penetrable" and that Israel has powerful capabilities.3. Damaging the organization's abilities for set periods of time, and using the media as part of the war on to access the consciousness of the Lebanese community.The propaganda videos expose Nasrallah's lies regarding the number of casualties the organization has suffered in fighting against Israel. Likewise, a clip was produced showing "the escape legend" of Hizbullah fighters in battles in the south and in Baalbeck, weighed against a letter Hizbullah operatives sent to Nasrallah which he presented as a "Letter of the brave." In addition, the clip shows Israeli commando activities in Baalbek, as well as the report on the IDF take-over of al-Manar in a Lebanese newspaper. The IDF broadcasts the programs twice daily at 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. (ynet)
PSYCHOLOGISCHE KRIEGSFÜHRUNG - Israel hackt sich in Hisbollah-Sender ein

Guerre psychologique: Israël pirate Al Manar, la télévision du Hezbollah

  Image de la télé du Hezbollah Al-Manar, piratée par les israéliens, qui montre le chef du parti chiite Hassan Nasrallah masqué d'un bandeau et un mess

Israël a piraté mardi pendant quelques minutes la télévision du Hezbollah, Al Manar, au moment du journal télévisé, en présentant des photos fixes de cadavres et en accusant le chef du parti chiite, Hassan Nasrallah, de mentir.  (AFP/AFP/MANAR TV - mercredi 2 aout 2006, 0h01)

(Le Monde - Israël mène une guerre psychologique en piratant la télévision du Hezbollah - 3/8/06 )
Le signal d'al-Manar, la chaîne du Hezbollah, a été piraté par Israël. ''Membres du Hezbollah, prenez garde'', avertit le bandeau pirate pendant une intervention du cheick Nasrallah. (AFP / Manar TV) 
  (Le Figaro - Israël tente de gagner la guerre psychologique -04/08/06
New York Sun adds:"Part of this is to instill fear," the former senior Israel Defense Force official said. "This is mostly aimed at the Hezbollah operative. This is instilling fear." The official added, however, that the most effective part of the message was that it proved Israel could take over Hezbollah's primary instrument of propaganda. "If you could destroy Al-Manar, which we all know is a platform for destroying psychological order, it is one thing. But better than destroying it is using it against them," the official said.
(Israel War Effort Extends Even To Hezbollah TV - August 2, 2006 )
In German -  Psychologische Kriegsführung - Israel hackt sich in Hisbollah-Sender ein  - 2/8/06
Beirut - Al Manar Main Base
Al Manar Hackers - "Al Manar lügt" 
The quality of U.S. Internet service in particular can project Al-Manar's broadcasts "world wide and is less susceptible to being knocked down," said Michael Vatis, former head of the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection System.
Hezbollah Site Used Hijacked Computer  -  4/8/06

Hezbollah's Al-Manar satellite television station, which Israeli warplanes have tried to silence in Lebanon, got its video-streaming Web site connected to the Internet through an Austin company this week apparently by hacking into a customer's equipment, the company found in an internal investigation. 
Broadwing Communications said it pulled the plug on the customer's hijacked Internet link Monday, stopping Al-Manar broadcasts, after an inquiry by the San Antonio Express-News. "This connection should not have been made but because it was, the perpetrator was able to hijack the customer's server and use it to host the Al-Manar Web site," Donovan Dillon, vice president of marketing, wrote in an e-mail Wednesday explaining the incident. "Broadwing acted decisively to terminate service as soon as we concluded that our services were being used in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy." The hijacking of the customer's Internet link points to a new tactic by Hezbollah to spread its message across the globe while under heavy fire in Lebanon. Al-Manar's increasing reliance on the Internet in recent weeks also has placed it in a murky, largely out-of-sight cyber war over such Web sites that has involved government spies and private vigilantes who have kept the site on the run. The Austin company fields a national fiber optic network and offers computer networking and communications services, including Internet connections. 
Broadwing's discovery that the incident involved hacking came over the course of two days this week, and the company reports that it is cooperating with treasury department agents in their investigation of the perpetrators. The Express-News learned of Al-Manar's Web site Monday from a private group that tracks radical Islamic Web sites. Company officials immediately launched an investigation and traced the site to a customer's server. "We were certainly not aware of this and have no business relationship with Al-Manar or any known affiliates," Dillon said in his e-mail, clarifying language in the earlier Express-News story that he said wrongly implied a "deal" between the two parties. Upon further investigation after the Express-News published its report Wednesday, the company said it had learned its customer had become an unwitting victim of a hacker. The Express-News incorrectly reported that Al-Manar's Web site landed on Broadwing's servers; the company does not sell server space or provide servers for Web hosting. Broadwing's customer, which it identified as a small U.S. cable broadcaster, is linked to a satellite provider it uses to distribute its programming. The satellite provider, in turn, had communication links to Lebanon, the company said. What happened, according to Broadwing, was that the satellite provider erroneously connected a feed from Lebanon to Broadwing's customer. The perpetrator came through the link, hijacked the customer's equipment and launched Al-Manar onto the Internet, Broadwing said. "There is no indication that our customer had any knowledge of this, and their satellite provider has removed the erroneous connection," Dillon wrote. The briefly successful effort to hack into the Broadwing customer's server suggests a desperate new tactic by the embattled Hezbollah guerilla movement to keep broadcasting with American facilities, Internet security and terrorism experts say. Aaron Weisburd, founder of a private group that tracks and monitors Islamic extremist Web sites and originally traced Al-Manar, said that after Al-Manar's Web site went down Monday, it reappeared later in the week on a private cable line on Staten Island. He and other Internet security experts said the Staten Island instance has all the hallmarks of another hacking attempt. One possible explanation for the reported instances of hacking Americans is that signing up for a U.S. Internet account hasn't been an option since March, when the U.S. Treasury Department designated Al-Manar a terrorist entity which whom it would be illegal for any U.S. company to do business. Al-Manar about three months ago vastly expanded its Web site to accommodate video broadcasts, which require larger bandwidths and infrastructure such as television cable that can provide faster Internet speeds. The Israeli air force bombed Al-Manar's 5-story Beirut headquarters into rubble in its first raids July 15. The quality of U.S. Internet service in particular can project Al-Manar'sbroadcasts "world wide and is less susceptible to being knocked down," said Michael Vatis, former head of the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection System. Internet security specialists, as well as private individuals who track Islamic extremist Web sites, said Broadwing's experience is not uncommon given the well-documented history of hacking by outlawed terror organizations such as al-Qaida. In the face of tougher law enforcement, these groups have relied on Web sites to sustain financing and recruits. The chase involving Al-Manar also provides a view into a murky virtual intelligence war that has played out over extremist Islamic sites since the 9-11 attacks, in which the players are every bit as adept with computer keypads as professional soldiers are with real weapons.  (MySA.Com )

US & Al Manar TV
FDD:Hezbollah's Al-Manar Television Dropped Again  -  31/8/06 
U.S. Freezes Assets of IRSO Solicits Funds Through Al - Manar TV   -  29/8/06  -   IRSO DOCS
New Yorker Arrested for Providing Hezbollah TV Channel
PDF: -1  - 2  -TV: - 1 - 2 - 25/8/06 - Arabic
New Yorker Arrested for Providing Hezbollah TV Channel
AP 25/8/06 - A New York man was arrested yesterday on Charges that he conspired to support a terrorist group by providing U.S. residents with access to Hezbollah's satellite channel, al-Manar.Javed Iqbal runs HDTV Corp., a Brooklyn-based company registered with the Federal Communications Commission that provides satellite television transmissions to cable operators, private companies, government organizations and individual customers.According to an Affidavit made public yesterday in U.S. District Court in New York, a paid FBI confidential informant told law enforcement officials in February that Iqbal's company was selling "satellite television service, including access to al-Manar broadcasts." The informant then had a recorded conversation during which Iqbal offered al-Manar broadcasts along with other Arab television stations.The U.S. Treasury Department in March designated al-Manar a "global terrorist entity" and a media arm of the Hezbollah terrorist network. The designation froze al-Manar's assets in the United States and prohibited any transactions between Americans and al-Manar.On July 11, according to the Affidavit, the FBI confidential informant arranged to have the satellite system installed in a New York City apartment that the bureau had wired for sound and video. Iqbal's technician installed the system, but the al-Manar channel came in scrambled.The informant called twice in the ensuing week and during the second call Iqbal said he wanted to "check out the CI [confidential informant] to make sure the CI was not a spy," according to court documents.In mid-August, the al-Manar channel at the apartment still was not fixed. When the informant called again on Aug. 17, Iqbal told him the Israeli bombing had disrupted al-Manar's transmissions. Iqbal also acknowledged that he was aware broadcasting of al-Manar was illegal in the United States, although he understood the government would make it legal again soon, according to the Affidavit.(washingtonpost  &  NYSun   &  Silive  & Arabic CNN   ) 
Al Manar TV : President Bush Compared to Hitler 1.4 MB   - 31/3/03MPG 6MB
Washington Institute for Near East Policy : Clips Made by Al-Manar Television Against US  - 
Al Manar War Story 2006 - HISBOLLAH-TV Propaganda aus dem Bunker
Newscasts were broadcast on schedule. Al-Manar's public relations chief Ibrahim Farhat said the broadcaster would rebuild its bombed-out headquarters. (Farhat Photo in the Middle by PAUL ASSAKER)
SignOnSanDiego Jurnal adds: Ibrahim Farhat, head of public relations at Al-Manar, said Israel has been jamming and hacking into Al-Manar and other satellite stations almost every day, especially in coastal areas. ( Cell phones, TV hackings, sightings in remote villages Israelis appear to be everywhere  - 8/8/06  )
Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV survived attacks
By ZEINA KARAM, Associated Press Writer 
Fri Aug 25, 2:35 PM ET
BEIRUT, Lebanon - Its headquarters was leveled, its antennas pounded, its transmissions jammed and Web site hacked. Yet, throughout 34 days of ferocious fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, the group's Al-Manar TV stayed on the air mocking Israeli military power from studios in secret bunkers. 
How is a mystery. For security reasons, Al-Manar officials won't say where they located makeshift studios. The station stayed on the air even after its main offices south of Beirut were flattened by Israeli warplanes, beaming out live talk shows with political guests. Newscasts were broadcast on schedule.Now that the war has ended, Al-Manar's public relations chief Ibrahim Farhat said the broadcaster would rebuild its bombed-out headquarters. But its plans have not yet come together about where and how quickly. He said the station was still taking stock of its losses.During the conflict, which began July 12 after Hezbollah killed three Israeli soldiers and captured two in a cross-border raid, the station routinely aired reports on guerrilla rockets strikes on northern Israel and ground battles with Israeli troops.Perhaps the most important broadcasts carried exclusive videotaped speeches by Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, who went into hiding when the war began.And within hours of a U.N.-brokered cease-fire that ended the fighting on Aug. 14, Al-Manar came out of hiding and into the sunshine, its reporters anchoring a live program in the midst of the rubble of destroyed buildings in Beirut's southern suburbs."A flame that will not be extinguished," read the new slogan beneath the station's logo that was hoisted on surrounding, bombed-out buildings."It (Al-Manar) fought alongside the guerrillas ... fielding a unique experience of tenacity with great commitment," wrote George Hayek, a TV columnist for Lebanon's leading daily newspaper, An-Nahar. "Its employees were like the soldiers on the battlefield."Farhat said the station was able to continue broadcasting through the efforts of its employees. "Certainly, there were many difficulties, but the will to confront was bigger and stronger," he told The Associated Press.He said contingency plans to face such a situation were made several years ago, after the U.S. decision in December 2004 to place the station on its list of terror organizations. Earlier that year, the station was blocked from satellite programming in Australia and had to struggle with France to keep it from taking similar measures after its transmission of an anti-Semitic miniseries was denounced by Jewish lobby groups.The series "Al-Shatat," Arabic for "The Diaspora" was based on "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" the 20th century anti-Semitic text purporting to describe a plan to achieve Jewish global domination and depicted among other scenes the killing of a Christian child on the orders of a rabbi so the child's blood could be added to matzos for Passover.On Wednesday, a Pakistani businessman in New York was arrested and charged with providing satellite broadcasts of Al-Manar to New York-area customers."They (Israelis) were trying to silence Al-Manar during peace, we knew it was only a matter of time before they tried to do that by force," Farhat said.Al-Manar's headquarters in the southern suburbs of Beirut was leveled in an airstrike in the early days of the monthlong war. The TV station went off the air for just a few minutes when hackers broke into its transmissions but has since been broadcast without stop, despite repeated airstrikes that knocked down transmission towers across the country. Israeli warplanes attacked an Al-Manar antenna just 15 minutes before the cease-fire took hold on Aug. 14.Since then, the station, which obtained its license from the Lebanese government in 1997 and is watched by many across the Arab world and elsewhere, has been broadcasting live programming from secret bunkers and bombed out areas in south and eastern Lebanon and the southern suburbs, often interviewing women who claim to be the mothers, as well as other relatives, of those killed in the Israeli attacks.Al-Manar also airs blatant propaganda videos of its fighters often firing Katyushas from rocket launchers anthems to rally fighters and marches that glorify Hezbollah guerrillas.One of the clips shows smiling Israeli generals and prime ministers juxtaposed against an Israeli flag, ending with the words "Terrorism has found a state." Another shows dead and wounded Israeli casualties being evacuated from southern Lebanon, with the words: "Your wretched fate."The clips are signed by Hezbollah's "war media" department, in charge of recording battles and operations on the battlefield and editing them for propaganda purposes. Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres recently ridiculed Al-Manar's coverage. "They can sing all the songs they want. We know the realities on the ground," he said in an interview with the pan-Arab Al-Arabiya station. President Bush said it could take time for the people of Lebanon and the world to come to the "sober realization" that Hezbollah lost the war. "The first reaction of course of Hezbollah and its supporters is to declare victory. I guess I would have done the same thing if I were them," Bush said last week. Regardless of who won on the battlefield, employees at Al-Manar are confident they have won having survived the war. "I feel so proud that we kept Al-Manar on the air," says Farhat. "And they should know they will never succeed in silencing us."(AP & Al Nahar )
Trümmerwüste: Kameraleute filmen die Überreste der Sendeanstalt von al-Manar in Beirut nach einem israelischen Bombenangriff. Seitdem sendet Hisbollah-TV aus einem geheimen Bunker. -  AFP Photo 9/8/06
Al Manar Site Back On Line 25/8/06
Site  - Back online proud  on Israeli Intelligence Booklet & Israeli Maariv`s Story - Arabic25/8/06
Al Manar TV Back On Line 26/8/06
Hacked Hizbollah TV & Web Back On Line Enlarge Window 
HISBOLLAH-TV Propaganda aus dem Bunker ZDF:Judenhetze im Namen Allahs   -  7/2/06 - 
Websites & Saved Pages
Lebanon TV`S Live News Streaming:Hizbollah - Hizbollah2 - Hizbollah3

Attack of HizbollahTV  - LBC - FUTURE

4Law Special 21/7/06  - Fresh Saved Israeli Intelligence Website for Lebanon People

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Copy of these arabic version in Leaflets dropped over Lebanon 21/7/06 afternoon

"Resisting" - front page of  Lebanese Bint Jbeil Arabic Site  - 26/7/06
Lebanon Army Notice:"Some declarations held for the media serves the enemy"  - 21/7/06 
Hizbollah Al Manar TV:Launch of Fajer Rocket to Naharia  Saved Page - 1  -  2  - 3   - 
Al Manar TV:Launch of Fajer Rocket to Naharia - Video Time  28/7/06 - 1.9MB 
Al Manar TV:Launch of Fajer Rocket to Haifa - Video Time  24/7/06 - 1.9MB 
Hizbollah Alternative Sites in case of Attack on Al Manar Site   : http://www.wa3ad.org/
http://www.ghaliboun.net/  -  http://www.ansaralhusain.net/    -  http://www.bintjbeil.org/vb/
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From the Supervision to the Bomb:How Israel Fights The Hizbollah TV in All the Fronts - ARABIC AL WATAN
Al Manar TV Program - The Diaspora
An antisemitic scenes taken from a TV series entitled "The Diaspora" which was screened during the month of Ramadan on the Hizballah-run "Almanar". The series is a Syrian production which pretends to present to the viewers the history of Zionism from the 19th century until the establishment of the State of Israel.
The Diaspora & English Translation -   Short&Long- High/Sreaming
The Diaspora & English Short Download 22MB   & Long Download 122 MB  -
Comedian  in Israeli TV2 War ShowIn War : Al Manar TV Reporter Arrived in Tel Aviv
Lebanon Psysop 06  - Part 1 :Lebanon Leaflets
Israel/Hizbollah Clashes  600 Videos  -  July/August 06 Killgame