After 56 Years NSA Exposure in Special Document About The Berlin Tunnel  15/3/12
Last Exposure NSA Official Document 15/3/2012 - Operation REGAL: The Berlin Tunnel - PDF
Last Flickr 34 Photos & 1 Video - Berlin Spy Tunnel Operation Gold & MI5/KGB George Blake
MI5 Traitor George Blake in Moscow Says Hello to MI5 & CIA - 2011
Russia TV 22/10/11 George Blake 45th Anniversary of The Legendary Escape  - DailyMotion 29/10/11   &   Youtube 29/10/11
Russian SVR (KGB) 2011 Film on MI5 Traitor George Blake With Blake in This Film  P.1 51 Minutes - Youtube 29/10/11
Russian SVR (KGB) 2011 Film on MI5 Traitor George Blake With Blake in This Film  P.2 51 Minutes - Youtube 29/10/11
MI5 Traitor George Blake in Moscow Says Hello to MI5 & CIA - 2011 - DailyMotion  29/10/11        &  Youtube 29/10/11
KGB/SVR Front Page Happy Birthday to The Master Spy Colonel George Blake  - 11/11/10 
Blake Exspose an MI6 Master Spy - "That was his operating cover , information from George Blake in West Berlin had altered us that Chisholm...was actually the MI6 Moscow station chief ...his wife...Janet Chisholm...I still couldn`t believe that spotting a man with Penkovsky`s credentials in a building with the wife of an MI6 officer...Janet Chisholm left Moscow..but Penkovsky continued meeting with other British handlers...Penkovsky spied from April 1961 to late August 1962...Penkovsky(Army Intelligence Colonel) was arrested...sentenced to death and executed...   " - SPY HANDLER , Memoir of a KGB Officer ,Victor Cherkashin with Gregory Feifer, (2005) pp.57-66.
DailyMotion Soviet Spy George Blake Celebrate  The  80th  Birthday 11/11/02  -  Alternative Youtube  -
Russia Army Magazine "Red Star"  October 7, 2010 on George Blake - " was one of the most valuable acquisitions of Soviet intelligence in those years. Thanks to him, the KGB managed to expose some 400 foreign agents at various levels and be aware of the most secret operations of MI-6..."
BBC Version on George Blake - 1966: Double-agent breaks out of jail
One of Britain's most notorious double-agents, George Blake, has escaped from prison in London after a daring break-out believed to have been masterminded by the Soviet Union. Wardens at Wormwood Scrubs prison last saw him at the evening roll call, at 1730 GMT.An hour-and-a-half later, his cell was discovered to be empty. After a short search, the escape route was found. Bars in a window at the end of a landing had been sawn away and a rope ladder hung down inside the prison wall..False sense of security.Blake is believed to have taken advantage of the free association allowed between prisoners on Saturday afternoons in the long-term wing, where he had his cell. He had served a little over five years of his 42-year sentence. He was not under high security at the prison, and the privileges he enjoyed have been heavily criticised in the wake of his escape. He was removed from the list of likely escapers after only a year, and wardens were said to have been lulled into a false sense of security by his seeming acceptance of his exceptionally long sentence. Blake was charged under the Official Secrets Act in May 1961. During his trial, part of which was held in camera, he pleaded guilty to five counts of passing on secrets to the Soviet authorities. He was sentenced to the maximum of 14 years on each of three counts, to run consecutively - a total of 42 years. It was the longest jail term any British court had handed down to an individual to date. Nine years of betrayal He spent nine years as a double-agent after being converted to Communism while a prisoner of war in Seoul, during the Korean War. During this time, he is believed to have betrayed the names of more than 40 British agents to the Soviets. Many disappeared, and were thought to have been executed. His actions devastated British secret service operations in the Middle East. He is believed to have passed on the names of almost every British agent working in Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. Lord Parker, Lord Chief Justice, the judge sentencing him, likened his actions to treason, and said, "It is one of the worst that can be envisaged other than in a time of war." In Context.After escaping from Wormwood Scrubs, George Blake made his way to Moscow, where he has lived ever since in a state-owned flat. He left his three children behind, divorcing his wife and starting a new family in Russia. Once in the USSR, he was treated as a national hero. He published his autobiography, No Other Choice, in 1990. He received about £60,000 from the book's British publisher before the government stepped in to freeze the remaining £90,000 he had been promised. In May 2003, he accused the British government of breaching his human rights by confiscating the money. He was awarded £5,000 compensation in September 2006. In a television interview broadcast by the state television channel in 2002 to celebrate his 80th birthday, he described the years he has spent in Russia as "the happiest of my life". He has always insisted that none of the spies he betrayed was executed. (BBC)
Defection Lottery Di Stefano v. UK`s Secret System
Letter to UK`s Lord Hutchinson `Blake Case` from Italian Lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano  - PDF 17/9/09
George Blake Verdict in British Court - Regina v. Blake 2 Q.B. P. 377 -  PDF 1961
KGB/GRU & Stasi Spy in UK (SIS & CIA "Berlin Tunnel" - Operation Gold) Colonel George Blake.(Doc. Photo in Stasi HQ)
Blake Joins the KGB 1951- "In the autumn of 1951 Blake handed his captors a note, written in Russian and addressed to the Soviet embassy, saying that he had important information to communicate. At a meeting with Vasili Aleksyevich Dozhdalev of the KGB , he identified himself as an SIS officer and volunteered to work as a Soviet agent. Following a favorable assessment by Dozhdalev , the London resident , Nikolai Borisovich  Rodin  (alias "Korovin"), traveled to Korea to complete Blake`s recruitment as agent DIOMID,and arranged to meet him in the Netherlands after the end of the Korean War. According to Sergei Aleksandrovitch Kondrashev , who became Blake`s controller in Britain in October 1953, the Center considered him so important that no other member of the London residency was permitted to know either DIOMID`s identity or the fact that he worked for SIS." - Murphy, Kondrashev and Baily, Batteleground Berlin,pp.214-15.
 KGB Lt. Gen. Sergei Aleksandrovitch Kondrashov George Blake Controller
KGB Lt. Gen. S. A. Kondrashov Adviser to KGB Chief Yuri Andropov on George Blake in English
KGB Lt. Gen. Sergei Aleksandrovitch Kondrashov George Blake Controller in KGB Service
KGB Lt. Gen. Sergei Aleksandrovitch Kondrashov - In 1944, Sergei Kondrashov was hired in the All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (VOKS) as an assistant and interpreter to work with foreign delegations. In 1947-1951  - Officer counterintelligence officials, deputy chief of the U.S. Department of the Office of Counterintelligence of the MGB. Since 1951 - in the system of foreign intelligence. In 1951-1953. SA Kondrashov - Deputy Chief of the 1 st Division, and then - the English department of the 1 st (Anglo-American) Office of CI-PSU MGB. From October 1953 to 1955 - 1 st secretary of the Soviet Embassy in the UK, acting resident. This appointment was directly linked to his upcoming work with the famous Soviet agent George Blake, who in those years served in the British Intelligence (SIS) Deputy Head of the Department in implementing an eavesdropping equipment on Soviet facilities.
After returning to Moscow S. Kondrashov headed the German department of PSU.In 1957 - 1962 was in Austria as Vice-resident and resident under the guise of post 1 of the First Secretary Embassy of the USSR. Since 1962 - deputy chief of the "D". After returning to the Soviet Union occupied the post of Chief of the Austro-Germanic department of PGU, the chief of service "A" (since 1968), Deputy Chief of Foreign Intelligence, the Deputy Chief Border Exploration, senior consultant of the USSR KGB chairman Yuri Andropov's intelligence and foreign policy. Actively participated in the preparation of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). Awarded the Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War II degree, many medals, memorable signs "For service in the intelligence," "For service in the counterintelligence," For service in the frontier troops. 
Lieutenant-General, candidate of historical sciences, speaks English, German and French. He retired in 1992. 
MI6/KGB/GRU/Stasi  Master Spy Colonel George Blake Expose of Berlin Tunnel 
Russian Master Spy Colonel George Blake TV Vesti.Ru
Colonel George Blake in Russia 12/11/07
Russian Master Spy Colonel George Blake in Russia 8/09
Colonel George Blake in Front of His Home in Russia 8/09 Called in Russian Media "Grave Digger of British Intelligence"
Berlin Tunnel Early  Sketch From The British SIS  Stolen By Master Spy George Blake (Source KGB/SVR Archive)
"The construction details were decided at a joint SIS/CIA meeting in London in  the spring of 1954 chaired by George Young , deputy chief of SIS . The American team , headed by Bill Harvey,  CIA station chief in Berlin agreed to provide  most of the technology and bear most of the cost ; the British agreed to dig the tunnel . As the most  junior SIS officer at the meeting  George Blake was left to lock the papers in the safe when it was over."- "KGB THE INSIDE STORY" Chrritopher Andrew & Oleg Gordievsky p.362.
Russian Master Spy Colonel George Blake in  SVR Yaroslavl Command 
Russian Master Spy Colonel George Blake English in Kremlin Channel
"TRANSPARENT WALLS" George Blake`s Book 2th Ed. Recommended by The SVR 30/7/09
The director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of the Russian Federation, writes in the book’s foreword that despite the book being devoted to the past, it is about the present as well. He also wrote that Blake, the 85-year-old Colonel of Foreign Intelligence, "still takes an active role in the affairs of the secret service."