What is Forensic Science?

Forensic science is the application of science to law . Any scientific principle or technique that can be applied to identifying , recovering , reconstructing , or analyzing evidence during a criminal or civil investigation is part of forensic science. 

What is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics is the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques in the interests of determining potential reliable and legal evidence. 

What Are The Computer Forensics Targets?

Computer forensics evidence is frequently sought in a wide range of computer misuse , including but not limited to theft of information , destruction of intellectual property, fraud etc .We, as Computer forensics specialists draw on an array of methods for discovering data that resides in a computer system or networks .We , as trained experts in forensics computing can frequently recover files that have been deleted, encrypted , or damaged , sometimes as long as years earlier . Evidence we gathered are useful and often necessary during discovery, depositions, and actual litigation . In some cases also lost of data without any intent will require our assistance .It will include assistance in ongoing internal investigations of computer violation or any other computer law issue , as well as unauthorized and malicious intrusions into system networks .In this range are the seizures of computer evidence as necessary . We will conduct impartial and objective analysis of computer evidence using the best available tools and procedures and will have our examiners available to testify when needed.

Professionalism what it means?

It means that no forensics evidence is damaged, destroyed, or otherwise Compromised by the procedures used to investigate the computer.
It means that no possible computer virus is introduced to a subject computer During the forensics analysis process.
It means that extracted evidence is properly handled and protected from later mechanical or electromagnetic damage.
It means that a continuing chain of custody is established and maintained.
It means that business operations are affected for a limited amount of time, if at all.
It means that any client-attorney information that is inadvertently acquired during a forensic exploration is ethically and legally respected and not divulged.

Company Profile

B.GRG, Ltd. is a unique Israeli based worldwide company (in US B.RGG Inc.) providing Information Security, Computer Forensics, Investigations and IT Infrastructure Security. The company is led by three former police officers. They have combined experience of over half a century. With their expansive knowledge of the high-tech world of computers, coupled with their understanding of the sensitive and private nature of computer related investigations, B.GRG, Ltd. can provide your company with unsurpassed results. For further information about us please enter the about us page on this site . Although our clientís identities are never compromised, we can reveal however, that we represent some of the largest and most prestigious corporations, law firms and accounting firms in the world.

Company targets

Our company is highly trained to solve all your digital and investigative needs . 

* Computer and network forensics.
* Data recovery.
* Internet investigations.
* Password recovery.
* Expert for court testimony.
* Security policy consulting.
* Wireless Networks Experts.
* Anti-virus protection.
* External penetration testing.
* Training
*Security & Legal Consultancy Services


Today`s criminal or insider worker doesnt have to walk into the bank to hold it up.
Today`s criminal or insider worker sits at home and hacks your system.
Today company`s trade secret is critical to your economic survival .

B.GRG Ltd.

B.GRGComputer Forensic Experts can lead you to a more secure electronic infrastructure, while ensuring that discretion and privacy are paramount. Our professionals are former Law Enforcement personnel who understand the ramifications of leaked information. B.GRG, Ltd. ís goal is to provide thorough, professional, efficient and completely discreet service to our clientele in a timely, reasonable manner.


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European interests
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