June  18, 2013

NSA Security Breach - System Admin Hacks & Defects

Edward Snowden NSA/CIA Defector - Stolen Verison Top Secret Court Order for FBI/NSA Valid Till 19/7/13 PDF


NSA Hawaii in USB Made in China Flickr Photos

Gen. Keith Alexander Commander USCYBERCOM Presents The NSA May 2011 After Killing Bin Laden & Cyber Security Last Trend 

DailyMotion Gen. Keith Alexander Commander USCYBERCOM Presents The NSA 2011 After Killing Bin Laden

Faculty - At the Forefront of Cyber Security 

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"Solar Sunrise"  - FBI SSA Scott K. Larson  PPT














Theft of 70 Million $

Israeli National Anti Fraud Unit & Italy Investigation on Boaz Yona

Guidelines on Cell Phone Forensics - PDF


FBI Cyber Unit Hunts Down Zotob Virus Makers 

Cyber Criminals 

WhiteHat Team Hacker Indicted

4Law Exclusive 8/12/06 :NASA v. Romanian Hacker  - Indictment

4Law 10/12/06 - The compromised government computers were used to collect and process data from spacecraft in Earth orbit and in deep space, to evaluate new scientific technologies, and to collect, store and analyze other scientific data. NASA, the Energy Department and the Navy could not rely upon the integrity of the data on the hacked computers. Therefore, systems had to be rebuilt, and scientists and engineers had to manually communicate with spacecraft. This case is the product of an ongoing investigation by NASA's Office of Inspector General, the Energy Department's Office of Inspector General and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.(Source:United States Attorney's Office Central District of California)



Tânârul din Arad acuzat câ a spart serverele Agentei Spatiale Americane a produs acestei institutii o pagubâ de 1,3 milioane de dolari, 
sustin politistii. Anchetatorii afirmâ câ bârbatul, în vârstâ de 22 de ani, a accesat peste 100 de servere ale NASA.

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NASA: Discovery Space Shuttle Launch 9/12/06 23:27 PM East


Ukrainian Hacker Extradited from Thailand Jailed for 35 months in US

Spanish Hacker Extradited from Argentina to Spain  -  Exclusive Docs
 Argentina extradita al mayor pirata informático de España  -  14/4/06


Famous Israeli  Offenders


First Female Judge Hacker Convicted in Israel


Ex  Judge Hacker  Osnat Alon Laufer Convicted in Hacking Computers in Israeli Supreme Court 22/3/09

Ex  Judge Hacker  Osnat  Alon Laufer Convicted in Hacking by Israel Supreme Court -  PDF

Ex  Judge Hacker  Osnat Alon Laufer Convicted in Hacking Computers 

Ex  Judge Hacker  Osnat  Alon Laufer Convicted in Hacking -  PDF

Judge Hacker Osnat Alon Laufer   -   In Tel Aviv District Court

Hacker  Osnat Laufer Denies Hacking -  Court Protocol Hebrew PDF

State  of Israel v. Judge Osnat Alon Laufer - Hacking Charges

Osnat Alon Laufer -  in Israeli Court  Site Saved Page - 19/11/05

Israeli  Suspects 

Blowing up FBI  & Israeli Cyber Cime Unit  Hacking Case

4Law 9/9/06  - Israeli State Attorney Decision Blowing up FBI  Leading  Investigationin in US & Israeli Police Major Hacking Case

For the first time in the Cyber Crime History - Israeli  State Attorney  Closed three years investigation against an Israeli suspect of cracking the Pennsylvania State police computer system.The Israelis say there is lack of evidence concern the grand  theft of criminal records from the Pennsylvania State Police system.Four cyber crime units were involved in this major hacking - FBI & Pennsylvania State Police cyber crimes units as well as  Israeli national & south district cyber crime units.The investigation aimed at Yonatan Fingel 19, from Ashdod City in Israel .In August 28 , 2006 the Israeli State Attorney`s Office closed the big hacking case against Jonatan Fingel for the reason - Lack of  evidence.Fingel was presented during these three years by Boaz Guttman Adv. from BGRG Ltd.

Files/PDF : Yonatan Fingel Image    -  State Attorney Decision / Israeli Ynet

2004: The Register / USA TODAY / Israeli YNET

4Law 5/6/05 - Kiryat Shemone Court

Dropping Internet Charges - State of Israel v. Yariv Drori - Heb.PDF/ Lack of Evidence

4Law 19/2/06 - Jerusalem Court Decision: 

Convicted Atom Spy Vanunu -  Computr Log  Inadmissible

Decision:Vanunu Computer Evidence  Inadmissible - Hebrew PDF

Vanunu Site



Hacking Mossad Website Verdict -  State of Israel v. Avi Mizrahi -  29/2/04


CIA  Report Russian Kermlin and Pro Kremlin Oligarchs Controling the Russian Internet - PDF




Iran Gov. Sites Hacked 2/5/06   by Israeli Hackers 

Israeli  Sex Site  Hacked  8/4/06 - Orthodox Jewish Hackers for More Hacks-

Israeli Site   was   Hacked 20/2/06 Afrenoon  by Iran Hackers   -

FBI Cyber Crime Survey - PDF  - (1/06)FBI/CSI Cyber Crime Survey - PDF  - (6/05)