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August 10, 2015 - updated

December 29, 2014 

March 29, 2014 

January 22, 2014 

Israeli Shin Bet Foils Al Qaeda Plot on US Embassy in Tel Aviv

December 16, 2013 

May  6, 2013

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Haifa Infra Site 

6 May 2013 

Date: Mon, 06 May 2013 21:04:29 +0500
To: scada_attackers[at]hush.ai
Subject: Haifa, Israel Main Infrastructure (SCADA) Hacked by SEA
From: scada_attackers[at]hush.ai 



We would like to announce that in response to the unfair and illegal attacks, taken place by Israel on DATE, SEA has penetrated one of the main infrastructural systems (SCADA) in Haifa and managed to gain access to some sensitive data. Also SEA is now able to cause irrecoverable damages to the Israeli's infrastructural systems. 

This message carries a serious caution to the Israeli statesmen. They should know that not receiving a quick reaction to such childish ventures, does not show the Syrian inability in doing so, but it is based on wisdom and humanity considerations. We do not approve of killing civilians and innocent people as this is an Israeli type of solution instead. 

Also an advise to those who left their homelands for many years, dreaming a happy and safe life, deceived by politicians whose deed is much far than their slogans; Do the best to express your objections to Israeli policies, since we do not like to see innocent people getting killed in Texas, US, but this time in Haifa. 

Hack Screenshots: 



4Law Mirror of the PDF and GIF

April  22, 2013

Boston Attack

FBI Affidavit U.S. v Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 22/4/13 PDF


Surveillance Video Related to Boston Bombings  - Flickr Photos & Videos

March  26 , 2013

March  19 , 2013

Israeli Ex. Beersheba District Judge Dan Cohen Under Arrest in Tel Aviv Israel on Thursday 21/3/13 at Noon Photo:Moti Kimhi

Israeli Ex. Beersheba District Judge Dan Cohen Under Arrest in Lima Peru on Friday 15/3/13 at Noon

Detienen en Lima ciudadano israelí con fines de extradición 15/3/13

Dan Gabriel Cohen (70) fue detenido hoy al mediodía mientras conducía su vehículo por el cruce de la calle Toribio Pacheco con la avenida El Ejército,
en el distrito de Miraflores. La detención estuvo a cargo de agentes de la Policía de Requisitorias y,
luego, fue puesto a disposición del 40 Juzgado Penal de Reos Libres. Cuando sea expulsado del país, será entregado a la Interpol.

Peru Extradites Israeli Ex. Beersheba District Judge Dan Cohen Facing Bribery Charges 16/3/13

Israel arresta ex juez acusado de soborno tras extradición desde Perú 17/3/13

Israeli Prosecutor Request to Remand Dan Cohen in Custody until The End of The Trial (Heb.) PDF 17/3/13

The Wild West in Beersheba Court

Beersheba Family Court Ex Judge Osnat Alon Laufer Convicted of Hacking

Beersheba Court Fan Club (Heb.)

Dotcom searches illegal: Judge 28/6/12

DOTCOM  & ORS  V ATTORNEY-GENERAL HC AK CIV-2012-404-1928 [28 June 2012] 28/6/12 PDF

January 20, 2012 - June 30, 2012

June 2 , 2012

Egypt Dictator Mubarak Jailed for Life in Prison 2/6/12 - 

May  4 , 2012

US Army : Dead Bin Laden Digital Hard Disk Retrieved Documents  -  3/5/12


April  2 , 2012

4Law Exclusive Document -  Valcom v. Megaupload The Eastern District of Virginia Court 2/4/12

Microhits, Inc. et al v. Megaupload, Ltd. et al  21/3/12  PDF

March 2012

In March 22 , 2012 4Law Site 10 Years in The Internet

January /February 2012

Interpol "Operation Unmask" 25 'Anonymous' Hackers Arrest 29/2/12 Spain & South America

FBI Facebook Social Media Open Sources Spying - PDF

FBI software to scan tweets to predict crimes

4Law  - American intelligence agency FBI is reportedly developing new software to scan social networks Twitter and Facebook to look for emerging threats and predict crimes.
The FBI has asked technology firms to create software that can effectively scan the websites for words, phrases and other suspected behaviour, a US Federal site  reported.
It will also be able to translate from foreign languages as well as detect patterns of users misleading the police.
Download the 7 days old cake from FBI bakery.1.5 MB PDF

January 16 , 2012

Facebook Palo Alto California Removes Israeli National Police (INP) Fake Facebook Site 16/1/12

January 5 , 2012

US Congress Authorizes Offensive Military Action in Cyberspace
in FY2012 Defense Authorization Act, December 12 - PDF

April 29 ,  2011

Syria Parliament Official Site Hacked  - Friday 29/4/11

Egypt Army in Facebook Issues Home Arrest Notice of Mubarak in His Facebook Site 28/3/11

August 2009

Hezbollah Facebook Cell 2009 - IDF Chief  Assassination Foiled  31/8/09

1.Directors & Corporate Advisors' Guide  to Digital Investigations and  Evidence , add to the Forensics Page.Guidelines on Cell Phone Forensics ,add to the Forensics Page.

2.FBI/IFCC Video -  First Katerina web scammer arrested by FBI   - Indictment & Katrina Red Cross Con arrest by FBI -  FBI Affidavit & Indictment  add to the Cyber Law Page.

3.First Spy Ring in the White House Arrested by FBI   - FBI Affidavit & Videos of the Suspects  add to the Security   Page.USAF Cyber War Command Video & PPT  1/7/07add to the Security Page.

4.Engineer arrested for disclosing secrets related to the B-2 bomber - FBI Affidavit & Videos on the case add to the Security Page.

5.ATM/SMS Hackers Ring in Beijing/China Arrest - Video & Report on the case add to the China Page.

6..Sony BMG Sued Over CD's With Anti-Piracy Softwareadd to the Cyber Law  Page.

7.German Internet cannibal back for new trial  12/1/06 -  9/5/06 .4Law site brings the special information on the case. Le Nouvel Observateur (often shorten to Le Nouvel Obs) is a weekly French news magazine. It is the most prominent French general information magazine based in Paris in terms of audience and circulation. Le Nouvel Observateur brings today the case:
Un cannibale rejugé en Allemagne    with  direct   link to 4Law site on this case.
From Argentina mentioned the page Ciudad.Com in his article Yo, caníbal.

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Digital Trail :Surveillance Video FBI ARREST FBI - The KGB Master Spy & FBI Agent  Robert Hanssen 

Hanssen`s FBI Videos & Files
9. 4Law - IL Cyber Cops Newsletter  - November  20, 2006 - Since 1999   - 

10.German Internet Cannibal Jailed for Life in 9/5/06 . 4Law Link is the Most Wanted  Cover Story on The Case in German Google .About 252, 000 German webpages are behind us in 10/5/06.

11.Israeli New Draft of Bill to Ban File Sharing from 27/7/06 -  English PDF In the  4Law -  File Sharing Page

12. Israeli Army OFEK  Satellite Spy Unit from 14/6/07 Video add -  In the  4Law -  Computers  Page.

13. Hamas Internet Psyops Video from 25/6/07 Video add -  In the  4Law - Computers  Page.

14.Stasi "Shoot to Kill" Order  discovered . Remembering Berlin Wall victims 13/8/07  is Memorial  Day in Germany - 46 years of the Berlin Wall. Stasi Videos & Docs  add  in the 4Law -  Other Page.

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January 1 , 2015