Informacních Technologií Kriminali

Crimes cibernéticos na Internet


Cyber Crime - Computers & Internet 2007

Cyber Crime - Israeli Law  / Hebrew 2006

Juvenile Cyber Victim & Cyber Criminal

Internet Killers




Terror Use Internet & Computers 


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FOX TV:Terror Tactic - Streaming     5/5/07

FOX TV :The new Al qaeda Software - Streaming    13/1/07

Florida Computer Professor Gets 18 More Months in Prison in Terror CaseUSDOJ





Internet Suicide Pact 


Spy Use Internet & Computers 

NSA Security Breach - System Admin Hacks & Defects

Edward Snowden NSA/CIA Defector - Stolen Verison Top Secret Court Order for FBI/NSA Valid Till 19/7/13 PDF


NSA Hawaii in USB Made in China Flickr Photos

Gen. Keith Alexander Commander USCYBERCOM Presents The NSA May 2011 After Killing Bin Laden & Cyber Security Last Trend 

DailyMotion Gen. Keith Alexander Commander USCYBERCOM Presents The NSA 2011 After Killing Bin Laden







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Internet Crime Scene 


Convicted Forger Judge Hila Cohen    - Conviction Hebrew File

Internet Pedophile

Faculty - Operation / Opération - 11/3/10 


Orgs & Folks & Internet Cafes  4Law Special Report


Internet Fabrications 

Israeli Fabrication on Facebook Crash as Israeli Facebook Site Crash    23/9/10

Israeli Gen. Mofaz  Net Censorship  in Iraq WMD Farication Machine

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is Dead -  20/2/06

Palestinian President Yasser  Arafat is Dead -  28/10/04

Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon Landed Safety -    2/1/03

Internet Blogs 

First Local Israeli Bloggers  Journal Clashes in The Internet - Internet Radio v. Internet Forum v.

Natan Zehavi v. Yeshayahou Rotter  in About Rotter`s Site -  Click The Picture  Audio Hebrew

  Left Yeshayahou Rotter ( Right Natan Zehavi (

Yeshayahou Rotter  v.  Natan Zehavi  in Rotter`s Site Front Page... -  Hebrew

First Israeli Blogger Case Arrived in the Israeli Supreme Court

January 28 , 2007



 Video Senate Aid Fired Over Net Sex Diary